Send Paid Surveys, Mass Emails, and Custom Tasks to Lists

Businesses can now get fast responses from thousands of verified users, paying only for replies.

With, pay thousands of people to quickly reply to emails, fill out surveys, and complete tasks.

Businesses can now use to pay large groups of people in specific categories to fill out surveys, respond to emails, or do more complex tasks. Here are a few examples:

  • Market Research: send a paid survey to hundreds of senior executives or engineers to validate a new product idea
  • Recruiting: pay 300+ JavaScript programmers to complete a HackerRank exam, and follow up with the highest scorers
  • Fundraising: send a single question survey with a link to a deck to 100+ VCs and angels to see if any would invest
  • Sales: survey 50+ CTOs to quickly find qualified customers, then follow up individually
  • ICOs: mass email thousands of digital currency investors with details on a new ICO to find buyers

In each of these examples, we’ve used 21 to combine three things that have historically been separate:

  • Large curated groups of verified users
  • The software to send them tasks
  • A way to quickly pay them to complete those tasks rapidly

This combination speeds things up dramatically for businesses that need to send out commercial surveys and mass emails, by both reducing the amount of time spent by employees and by accelerating recipient response times.

First, employees waste less time because they don’t need to prospect for particular contact types if a list for that contact type already exists. They also don’t need to load the prospect list into Mailchimp or Salesforce, as they can contact them right from 21. And they don’t need to nag recipients repeatedly or try to incentivize them with sweepstakes, as they can instead pay them in digital cash to immediately respond.

Second and relatedly, recipient response times are faster. Empirically, the first enterprise customers of paid surveys and tasks sent through have seen response rates in the range of 40–50%, with 90% of respondents usually replying within 24 hours. For reference, these numbers are very high relative to the 1.7% response rate of traditional cold emails.

The new lists: executives, professionals, digital currency investors, and engineers

The new lists are enumerated at You can browse them to reach the following broad classes of verified users:

  1. Executives and Investors. Get in touch with different types of executives and investors through 21, including CEOs, CTOs, venture capitalists, angels, and startup founders.
  2. Professionals. Reach many different kinds of professionals, including designers, open source developers, writers, legal professionals, and research scientists.
  3. Digital Currency Investors. Talk to thousands of digital currency investors, including buyers of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, ZCash, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple, Augur, Golem, Dash, PIVX, and Tether.
  4. Engineers. Recruit and survey engineers with specific skills, including:

This is just the start and we are constantly adding new lists, but feel free to fill out this form to suggest a list if there’s one you’d particularly like to see.

View results of paid surveys, mass emails, and tasks

Upon sending out a task, just log in to to view your results. Here’s an example of what the results look like:

You can view the status of all recipients at a glance or drill down to see individual responses. You can also easily retarget leads that respond positively to a survey, download a CSV to analyze the data offline, or even set up recurring tasks like tracking polls to run on a schedule.


In closing, if you work for one of the many businesses that needs to send surveys, mass emails, or custom tasks to large groups of people, go ahead and browse the set of all our lists at Then get in touch with us at Our early customers have had great success with using digital currency to incentivize people to fill out surveys, reply to emails, or complete tasks — and we’d be happy to work with you to develop a solution that fits your needs.