Why is CEDGAR a WINNING recipe for the crypto ecosystem as a whole?

It is in everyone’s interest that crypto markets adapt transparency and self-regulation practices that are currently missing. CEDGAR, therefore, provides a winning solution for everyone: token issuing companies, contributors, influencers, exchanges, and countries. Here’s how:

1. A win for token issuing companies!

By providing their financial reports to CEDGAR, token issuing companies will reach a broader community within the crypto world.

Company’s involvement in CEDGAR also shows its willingness to self-regulate and be transparent. Authorized publication of financial data will also reduce the risk of insider trading as well as give companies a higher chance of being listed on major exchanges.

Participating companies will receive a certificate to display to their crypto community, who will recognise reporting through CEDGAR as good business practice.

2. A win for contributors/traders!

With CEDGAR, contributors are getting a new information source, as opposed to relying just on companies’ PR departments and influencers. Now, through CEDGAR, 2100NEWS provides an unbiased infrastructure for self-regulation that results in higher quality financial analysis.

Contributors can now track the project’s progress at regular predefined time intervals and compare actual (quarterly, half-yearly, annually) business results to targets set in the Whitepaper. This gives them a much better insight into company’s progress and performance.

3. A win for influencers!

Until now, influencers communicated their opinions on certain ICO/token issuing company based on the Whitepaper, PR statements and rumors. CEDGAR enables influencers to have a reliable and unbiased third party information at their disposal. Consequently, they now have a more objective information source to base their assessments on, which means their followers will get a more balanced picture.

4. A win for Exchanges!

Exchanges will use CEDGAR as a standard of transparency for the token issuing companies. It will enable faster and easier due diligence check-up of crypto-companies before listing them on their exchanges and ensure higher trading volumes.

It is not in the interest of exchanges, for the market prices to be manipulated by third parties. CEDGAR will offer a stable and reliable way of communicating financially sensitive information between all stakeholders.

5. A win for Countries!

At the moment the whole crypto ecosystem is more or less unregulated. For most countries this represents an unacceptable situation. Self-regulation through CEDGAR will present a more palatable alternative to either no regulation or establishing full blown national regulation.

CEDGAR as a standard of transparency

As shown above, the whole crypto ecosystem will benefit from CEDGAR. Regulations are inevitably coming our way and it is in crypto’s best interest to start to self-regulate instead of being regulated by other parties. This is why we strongly believe CEDGAR is the logical next step in the evolution of the crypto economy.

For more details please read our article : CEDGAR.

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