Day 1 SOA

Techniques (This musiba is temporary the real musiba is afterwards ) focus on hereafter n for this world ( only focus on your career) Allah actually made your life easy to give you difficult people so you ignore them and work hard on yourself and take are of yourself.

1.keep your expectation realistic

2. Never make your self worth dependent on them

3. Show how can be benefit of them (praise them) turn the table over

If relationship is unavoidable, then use this technique to achieve your desire outcome

Be aware of following tactics

Stop sign ( when you feel manipulated, used, mistreated) stop participating in problem

Some may make you feel so angry at yourself and other time make you feel like mesmerizing.

Being realistic, they lack insight how they affect others and lack empathy, so protect thyself

Don’t feel guilty for having to move away or put space between. And don’t come into delusion that I am not being compassionate or caring.

Be aware when you try to move away then they may try to guilt trip you or charm you

Make healthy decision for yourself

Remember narcissistic gain certain things of their own gain

Don’t expect to get your sensitivity honored

If you are emotionally drained

  1. Refrain from confiding your deepest feeling from someone who won’t cherish you
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