Ego is creating suffering and self deception

Be aware of type of Backfire, ego is doing because of “obsession of survival”

Most important is fulfillment and peace

List of ego creating dramas

1.fear and anxiety

2. Anger hatredness, violence, bitterness and intolerance

3. Outrageous ( you think people treat you unfair)

4. Guilt and regret

5. Annoyance

6. Criticism and blame

7. Emotional pain and reasoning

8. Depression.

9. Dissatisfaction

10. Shyness and insecure (sell yourself short inauthentic self)

11. You don’t like yourself

12. Boredom, neediness and lonely

13. Stress and chronic fatigue

14. Addictions

15. Cheating, lying and dishonesty

16. Exploitive and manipulative

17. Relationship problems

18. Self sabotaging behavior problems

20. Indecisive

21.working a wrong job and career

22. Inability to realize dreams

23.inability to experience spirituality

24. Inability to love others

25. Commitment issues (not a benevolent force ) unable to kind and compassionate

26. Creating difficulty as scientist and artist ego fighting for itself

27. Obsessive thinking

28. Feeling offended and self righteous

29. Hurt loved ones (later regret it )

30. Doing damage to other people

31. Doing damage to environment

32. Dying a sorry dead

Reduce ego to zero and happiness is infinite

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