Rock Li


①A box is found in front of it, and there are two moving birds in the box. However, there are moving birds in the museum, so I need to step forward to find out.

②After opening the box, the bird flew out, and I follow the bird’s flight path.

③The bird is so weird that it doesn’t fly out of the window or other exhibition, but flying to an empty picture frame.

④Amazing! The bird actually blends into the frame, and it was reborn. It can actually act in the frame.

⑤After clicking on the new frame with flying bird just now, the clue object is unlocked. The new object has the same pattern as the new picture frame.

⑥After completing all the clue objects, the door of the scene is also opened, we can enter other new scenes and look for those hidden objects.



After the game starts, BGM will flow immediately. When the player starts clicking, the playing audio will also change. Clicking on a hidden object will play a special sound effect. Instead, the wrong sound effect is played. However, the special effects sound is also different. Clicking on the hidden object corresponding to the puzzle answer will play a special voice telling the player to win. If you click on the interaction object instead of the answer object, the sound will be more or less the same no matter how many times the player clicks, it will not be the victory sound.

Figure.1 Audio Design Flowchart

Click on the wrong sound effect: Frog sound.
Click on the hidden object sound: The sound associated with the current animal.
Click on the hidden object sound effect on the right: Yo get the win sound effect.



Scene 2 refers to the background of the space, the French Natural History Museum, and the background of the story is based on the famous event in the Bible, Noah’s Ark. A game exploration journey based on this theme.

Space Background:

French Pairs Natural History

Story Background:




12th July: Finish Level 1 & Test linkage between hidden objects

18th July: Complete all illustration parts of Level 2 (Scenes, Objects, Animations)

27th July: Complete all illustration parts of Level 3 (Scenes, Objects, Animations)

2nd August: Test the full content of levels 2 and 3 and other functions such as Changing languages

16th August: Complete all game content and invite different players to test and get feedback

23rd August: Submit Day




Something bad! The statues in the museum do not know what magic has been applied to them. Some of the positions of these statues have been shifted, and even there are not many works of art in the museum, but also some works of art that have not been seen. However, the museum still needs to operate normally. As a museum administrator, you must solve these problems in order to retrieve the lost works of art and modify them. From the best perspective, observe the difference from the past, and complete your glorious mission!

Target Audience:

♦ Children over 6 years of age
♦ Players who like hidden-prop exploration casual games
♦ Natural History Museum Lovers