3 steps theory

As a student at the best university for engineering in germany i sit in between the stools. On the one side i am a student — lazy in every vein of my body. On the other i need to be productive to pass my exams. So in consequence i have to use the time, my lazy-student-alter-ego isn’t there, to act as effectivly as i can. I discovered a nice and simle way to combine both. My trick is to set three goals:

One for the next hour

One for the current day

One for the current week

and i write them down on a single piece of white A4 paper.

That confronts you with your own goals in a way you don’t forget them in milliseconds. I figured out that this self reflectionional process helps me to put all the interrupting ellements in my studytime to my freetime in order to acheve these goals. As an result even my freetime gets more structured and even richer. To live the productive way satisfies my whole life.

In the end there is only one little advise i wanna give: Don’t be too serious in achieving the goals. You have to find the right balance, but that is up to you.

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