A Wild Past

Do you ever just have those moments where you do something without actually thinking it through first? I’m sure we all have so, I’ve decided to, for this blog, write about some of the stupid things I’ve done during my childhood.

Whenever I do something impulsively and it goes a completely different way than I’d imagined, I’ll remember it like it happened yesterday. The most distant one I remember happened about 6 years ago when I traveled to the Dominican Republic with my family and we were staying in this resort which was completely FULL of lizards. At that time of my life, I was overly obsessed with Animal Planet, a show on TV that broadcasted different series of people who worked with animals in the wild or just gave information about animals in their natural habitat. So, of course, I believed I knew everything I needed to know to successfully catch one of the lizards and felt a thrill every time I saw one. I began trying to catch them and surprisingly did well, they bit me a lot but of course, I didn’t care. I was too busy obsessing over the fact that I was a lizard tamer. Then on one of the days when I went lizard hunting near the pool, I saw a big lizard on one of the trees and I put my hand over its tail to catch it, next thing I knew it ran up the tree and I had its tail in my hand. It had disconnected its body from its tail and ran away, so there I was staring at the flesh of the lizard’s tail while the tail continued wiggling. At first, I was really scared because I thought I’d killed the poor lizard but it had gone up the tree, so I was just totally confused. Then I was completely creeped out by the tail and dropped it on the floor watching it flop while my mom screamed her lungs out. Truly traumatizing.

Later, when I lived in Canada about four years ago, it was around December and it was snowing heavily. I went to school that day and I was playing tag with my friends around the snow forts we’d made during recess. I was running away from my friend when my foot sank completely into the snow. At first, I was pretending I couldn’t get out of the hole for the fun of it until I realized my foot was actually stuck in the snow and I didn’t have the strength to get it out. My friends were trying to help me get out by pulling me upwards, but it wasn’t working, and all the teachers figured we were just playing, so there I was, low-key freezing, stuck in the snow. Since the teachers weren’t helping, my friends went to go get some eight graders to help and they pulled me out, which of course I died for since the eighth graders were the oldest and good looking ones of my old school, but my boot stayed buried under the snow in the hole. We were eventually able to get it out but I was forced to wear my wet boot and sock for the rest of the day which I was really annoyed by because my foot was freezing and I felt like my teachers wanted me to get hypothermia. According to them it was a fire hazard for me to take it off so I obeyed and my foot was freezing for the rest of the day.

Another one of my strange childhood stories begins with why I’ve always been a picky eater. I was too young to remember this but according to my parents, when I was 2 or 3 I randomly decided I didn’t like fruits and my parents thought it was a stage so they didn’t enforce it and until today I still don’t like fruits and vegetables. Now you might be saying I’m lying or there’s something wrong with this girl but I tell the truth, I literally can’t stand the smell of fruits and feel like puking with the taste and texture. So I basically avoid fruits and veggies at all costs. Anyway, relating to my pickiness, I also did not like water, I hated that it was so flavorless so I just drank juice all the time. Now you may be asking yourself, Arantxa how did you drink juice if you didn’t like fruits and here’s your answer: I would only drink really processed apple juice. I honestly don’t know how I haven’t died yet. I also didn’t like to eat rice unless I put a completely unnecessary amount of soy sauce on it but that’s another story.

Finally, about two years ago when I went to Honduras with my family, we were leaving our room in the resort when we ran into a small snake next to the elevator. I decided to become my animal expert self and took it upon myself to use some of the skills I had learned from Animal Planet, of course, this was the worst idea possible but then again, what did I know. I grabbed a stick and began to poke at the snake aggressively, it didn’t do anything to me so I was like: “well ok let me just pet it with my hand”. The snake was clearly not loving the petting but did I care? No. I continued to pet it until I got too close to its head and it bit me and slithered off. Of course, I had no idea what type of snake it was, although my animal expert self-claimed it was a garden snake and google told me it was some kind of venomous viper but I didn’t die or anything so it wasn’t poisonous but the people from the hotel got really scared. Meanwhile, I was just captivated by the teeth mark it left on my finger and went along with my day. I honestly have no way to explain what went on in my mind at that time or why I was so calm about it but at least I lived.

Overall, these memories have not only taken place in my heart for me to remember and laugh at but they’ve also taught me some pretty amazing things about myself like that I can get super curious at times and that I love being silly around others. I’ve also learned that when I set my mind on something I won’t let it go. So, if you enjoyed this or have something you’d like to share as well then feel free to tell or write your own stories

A picture of me being the animal expert I swore I was