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Sharon Dale

I have shared many articles (via my personal twitter account @pixlz) which I consider useful or interesting. I have decided to try a different way of doing this. Hat tip to Andrew Mason who used to do something similar with productivity links and Billy Street from DWP for his fantastic BTG Articles Of The Week.

I hope that these posts will be useful. Please leave a comment and let me know.

The first link I want to share is How I Discovered Visual Thinking by Dave Gray. I chose this article because I think that getting things into a visual form which can be shared, easily understood, and discussed by groups is very important. I have also read Dave’s book Gamestorming and learned about his Culture Mapping tool with the Satori Lab.

learning works best when it is not a one-way thing. One person doesn’t just pour knowledge into another person’s head, like you might pour tea into a teacup. It’s a dialogue.

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The second link is a video explanation of the Cynefin Framework by Dave Snowden. I learned about the framework on a workshop with Ron Donaldson. I have found it very useful when talking with people who have one approach which they use for everything.

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Finally, another video from the Design Council and Government Digital Service titled What is service design? If you would like to experience service design you can be part of the Global Sustainability Jam in October 2015.

Service is going to be the thing that businesses focus on to make them compete better. Ben Terrett, Director of Design at GDS.
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