Late Night Adventures

As per usual it was Friday night and I had no plans so I had gotten ready for a night spent on Netflix. I had been feeling pretty empty for a while and I wasn’t happy with my life, so I wrote my feelings out in my diary, which at that point was so filled with memories that it wouldn’t even close. My dad saw me sitting cross legged in my room and I guess he knew that I wasn’t happy at the moment, so he asked if I wanted to go on a little adventure. My dad has always been like this, a spontaneous man who doesn’t give a s*** about labels and what people have to say. He seems to always talk to random people when we are in public and asks them about their day like if he knew them, and in this case he decided to go on a random adventure.

Anyway, I thought about it for a bit and realized that I had been sitting in my room watching my favorite show, Gravity Falls, for way too much time, so I got up and put on a oversized black shirt that was long enough to be a dress. I slid my shoes on and just like that we were out the door. We got into our 2001 Honda Accord, which was at least ten years older than all my friends’ cars, and I was always embarrassed to show off for some reason. My dad inserted a cassette. George Michael’s album started playing as we drove out the front entrance. Once we were out on the street he asked “Where shall we go tonight?” I said I had no idea about where I wanted to go so we decided to just drive until we got somewhere. That somewhere ended up being Marina Bay.

As we were arriving, loud sounds and bright lights drew our attention. My dad parked near the river and we made our way towards the commotion. I promptly figured out that the loud sounds and crowd of people were part of a fair. My dad and I headed towards it while holding hands and chatting, and as we entered my eyes immediately drifted towards a stand that was in the distance and looked like it might as well be burning up. Being the way we are both of us started walking directly to the stand until we realized that the place was in fact not on fire, but the “smoke” was just nitrogen gas that overflowed out the roof because the stand sold nitrogen ice cream. I had never heard of such a thing and if you haven’t either, trust me, its crazy. Obviously we got in line to buy this so called nitrogen ice cream, and when they handed us a bunch of little balls in a cup we didn’t even know how this resembled any ice cream that we had seen before. My dad took a bite and white smoke started to flow out of this mouth and nose as he exhaled, just like that we bursted into laughter. This is just how we are sometimes, we make the best out of something so silly.

My dad and I made our way to a little stand where a couple was throwing balls at a hole in order to win balloons. We bought tickets and started playing. Obviously we made only like one shot because these games are always rigged but I was so happy with that. The lady told us that we didn’t win anything, but my dad managed to get us a big gold bear balloon, and as he was talking to the lady in the little english that he knew I stared at the concrete floor and I thought to myself how lucky I am to have him in my life. I have never met someone quite like him, and that is what makes my dad so special.

At around 12:00 we decided that it was getting pretty late so we made our way back towards our old car. I was so happy to be in that green car because it was ours, and that is what mattered. I sat in the front of the car and listened to the same cassette as I stared out the window as my dad drove down the highway. I continued to do some reflecting and realized that life is always going to be a pain in the a**, and I’m never going to have everything figured out, but that doesn’t even matter, what is important are nights like this one. What’s important are nights that make you learn things that you will never forget and nights that help you connect with people that will never leave your side. This night was composed of my favorite colors and sounds. A night that was so simple but somehow made me feel so at peace. And finally I realized how grateful I am for all of it.

I often find myself sitting at home wearing fluffy pj’s on days where giant gray clouds fill up the sky, and rain pours down so hard that I can practically hear the droplets beating against the window. On days like these, I lay on my black couch and just think about life. I think about consciousness, and time, and pleasure, and pain. I think about this giant blur that life is, but I don’t really realize how grateful I should be for all of it. One particular day of meditation stands out though, and that is exactly what I want to talk about. It was a weird but spectacular night, a night so vivid that it almost seemed like it belonged in one of those silly chick flicks. A night that taught me something no teacher ever could.