The Goddess of Beauty

I felt the sun burning on my already tan legs, that were dangling dangerously of the roof, but like mama always says “take the risks in life, you have nothing to lose with pretty face of yours, tahmil almakhatir fi alhayat , ladayk shayyanaan l yakhsiruh mae wajjah jamil lak.” My cat Castilla was struggling in my long arms to be let out, but after one icy cold glare from my eyes, she went still. My newest servant was currently tugging at my long black hair, well attempting to brush it out, and put it up. “What are you trying to do, rip my hair out!” I yell at her. “Sorry, Sorry.” she muttered.

I walked downstairs to be greeted by my parents, we didn’t talk. We never talked only when my mom was teaching me, and if my dad needed me for something. Which would only ever be something religious, or a family outing. I gave them both a curt nod, and walked away to the huge balcony that faced the Nile, there were children laughing, and playing. I noticed few crocodiles resting by the edge, a but close to the children. I noticed a girl with blonde hair helping the little kids leave the Nile, and automatically knew it was my sister Catriona. My sister and I looked nothing alike, she had blonde hair which was very rare in Egypt, she was much shorter than me also, the only two similarities we had were are everlasting beauty, and our icy cold blue eyes with specks of green in them.

I quickly ran out of the balcony, and almost outside, when two of my family’s guards stopped me. Nefertiti you know the pharaoh does not like you going out without guards.

“Why?” I shouted “They let Catriona outside?

”Its because she isn’t the most beautiful of Egypt, my dear we would like you to preserve that.” my mother interrupts.

I let out an angry yell, and ran up stairs to my balcony. It wasn’t fair just because I am pretty and my sister isnt I dont get to go outside and see the world. The only reason I had a tan was because I spent my whole day on my balcony watching others, and also going out to ride my horses on special occasion. My sister though she was ugly, well not to me, but to others she was horrible. That was one thing I admired, she didn’t care what others people thought of her. She might be 14, and me 19 but she is much more brave than me. She also doesn’t have to worry about some arranged marriage with a random rich cousin of yours. A slight movement besides me interrupted my thoughts to see the once bright sky during being engulfed in a darkness, I turned to my left to see my little sister playing with her dainty pale hands.

“what’s up?” I ask her noticing her worried expression.

“I saw something, watching me this morning.” She said barely above a whisper as if something could be listening. I suddenly felt very panic, my sister is usually so brave so if something was bothering her this much, it had to be important.

Tonight I slept with my heart beating in fear I had curled into a little ball and went under the thick bed sheets my servant had made me, I felt a warmness next to me and saw my snow white cat lay next to me. After a few minutes I calmed down and fell into a deep sleep.

Dominique Point of View:

The girl had caught me, I was sent with an order from my master, Shirazi to catch him the most beautiful, and fair girl of Egypt. I had found her, I didn’t see the big deal of her considering her odd hair color, and strangely pale skin, but I do what Shirazi says, or else he might eat me like he does to the others who don’t obey his orders. I decided I will give her the potion well she’s sleeping so it’s easier to inject. My boss was a strange man, he had a hunger you could say, but not a hunger for food like most, he had a hunger for humans, but not just any human he had hunger for beautiful people.

As I slipt into the top part of the huge palace, I found the room where the pharaohs daughters would be. The first bed had what looked like a cat or some animal in it, because it was so curled up, so I quickly went to the next bed to find her, she was fast asleep, her white skin glowing. I quickly pulled out what the boss gave me, a potion of sleep to make her sleep on the journey home, and then she wakes up and we let her live for five weeks, until shirazi kills her. I than injectected her thin arm with the sharp needle. The potion worked its magic and than I picked up the light body and slid out the palace.

Nefertiti’s Point of View:

Ouch I yelled internally as I felt a sharp nip to my ear. I looked up to see my cat Castilla in a clear panic. She kept meowing for what felt like hours, until I realized something my sister was yelling at her to shut up, or pushing her out the room. I looked over to my left to see she wasn’t there, maybe she went downstairs to eat with my mom and dad. I quickly ran down stairs with Castilla in my arms, to see my mom eating all by herself, and she looked stressed as always.

“Mom have you seen Catriona?” I ask

“No my dear, ask the guards if she went out.” she responded in her usually monotone voice.

I rolled my eyes and walked quickly to the were the guards would be stationed. When I arrived the guards looked exhausted.

“You have you seen my sister?” I ask pointing my long finger in his face.

“” he responded nervously

After the Guard responded his simple no, I got worried it was not like my sister to disappear like this. It also scared me more considering the fact she had been so scared last night. As I walked down the hallway, to go and inform my mom, her daughter was missing.

“SHE’S MISSING!” I hear my father shout on the top of his lungs, “how could you let this kidnapper get through your fingers!” my father yells to one of the guards next to my parents dining table. My mom was weeping, her favorite daughter was gone, the one she could depend on. My mom was reportedly shouting and weeping. I decided I need to get away from this mess so I picked up a distressed looking Castilla, and went up to my room. Once I got into my bedroom, I sat on the balcony, and shut the curtain.

“Nefertiti?” I heard something call my name.

“W..who are you, are you the one that took my sister?” I shout, looking around the rather large balcony.

“No.. down here.” the voice says turning stressed.

I quickly looked down to see my small snow white cat, looking at me very impatiently.

“Y….you can talk?” I stutterd

“Of course I can talk!” she shouts at me

“But that doesn’t matter, more important matters, you need to get your sister.” she states blantly.

“I can’t my mom doesnt let me leave the house, and even if I could, I don’t know where to go.” I say

“Maybe you don’t know but I do, and I know exactly how to get you out of your house.”

“What how, and I can’t, I could die.” I say my fear growing stronger and stronger from the pit of my stomach.

“You could die, but coming home be called a hero, your beauty would be immortalized, everyone would know who Nefertiti Antar is.” she states

“I don’t know, it sounds risky, but I’ll do anything to get out of this mad house.” I suddenly feel an impulse of excitement and bravery shining a light on the fear in my stomach.

Two days had passed, and my mom never stopped crying, and my father grew depressed and wasn’t eating. I couldn’t take it anymore, I put fresh robes on, and put my long silver hair up, and then covered it up. I than grabbed a non-stop talking Castilla up.

“We’re leaving today.” I whisper to her.

“Okay remember the plan, we take the west side of the nile, where we will meet the servant with our supplies and the horse.” she whispers back.

I was walking at a very quick speed down the hallway to my parents room. I knew I was there once I heard my mom’s sobbing. I quickly went and opened the huge door, leading to the room. I looked at my moms bed to see her wrapped up in a sheet, talking to her favorite servant.

“Mother?” I ask

She quickly looks up, she looked horrible her eyes were bloodshot, and fresh tears stained her face, her once beautiful hair was streaked with white, and her fair skin was as pale as the fresh dough used to make our fresh bread loafs.

“Yes my dear?” her voice was raspy, and sad.

“I need to go make a trade on the south side of the Nile, I have a guard coming.” I told her praying to Ra she wouldn’t find the lies in my words.

“Fine you may go, but if you see your sister let the guard know right away, I suspect they’re selling her in the black market.” she said dismissing me with her hands. That was all no be careful, just something about my sister.

As soon as I left the palace I felt the warmth radiating on my face, I was in afterlife, everything was perfect. I loved to go outside when my parents let me because, it was so refreshing.

“Can you please walk we have no time to waste!” Castilla shouts at me.

We quickly walk up the nile for 2 miles, with my dad’s guard, until we found one of my boats.

We had been in the boat for 2 hours, and were very close to the west side of the Nile, I had to do something I would regret later but I had to get my sister. As we got closer and closer we saw more crocodiles. I than went over to where the two guards were, and started to talk to them for a little. Until I saw my chance I grabbed them both by the shirt, and pushed them both of into the crocodile infested water. I than ran up to where they were guarding the boat wheel. I was hearing the screams of agony behind me where I threw both men off.

I had been driving the boat for 2 hours, until I had gotten were the servant was supposed to meet us. I started to notice in the distance a tall gray silk coated horse, that had beautiful shinning mane. I quickly made my way to the shore, but before I got out of the boat, Castilla whispered to me, he needs a trade in order for his silence and loyalty, I quickly looked around the boat until I spot it, my mom’s gold bangle, that she must of forgotten last time she was on the boat. I quickly grabbed it, and handed him the bangle. He than handed me my horse and ran to the little run down boat he road all the way here, that carried a big box like thing, that had to have taken my horse.

I notice a little area in the fine cloth saddle, to put Castilla in. I quickly put the little cat, in the pocket, and strapped her in and got on the horse. Since nightfall was coming soon I had to hurry and find shelter, or an oasis. Because I could die of the cold, that falls upon the desert at night. I heard stories from guards when I was little that horrible things come out at night, one said that there was bettle as huge as a human’s head, feed on human flesh. Another guard said that It got so cold at night you could see your icy cold breath, and your body would shake until you would fall asleep, and than have a slow death.

I had been riding for so long, and I could feel the cold already. I had been riding for what felt like centuries and me and my horse were exhausted, but I kept going because if not it could cost me my life. I all sudden heard a loud yell coming from where Castilla was.

“Nefertiti take a left here, it will take you to a very kind and safe village.” she yells to me

I quickly take a left not bothering to question my cat’s wisdom. As if only 2 minutes after taking the left turn, I saw many huts alone, and in the middle was a pond, that had many horses around it. I quickly made my horse gallop in the tiny village, causing quite a disruptive, since I was the daughter of their pharoah. I quickly mounted off my horse, and put him near the pond.

“Hello, can someone please help me, I have been traveling for some time now. “ I shouted to the people that stood near the pond. I started to notice a loud rustling through all the people crowding around me in awe. All of a sudden a short fat man came out the crowd of people. I immediately recognized him as Shamir the leader of the biggest tribe in the egyptian dessert.

“My dear Nefertiti, why have we been blessed upon your beauty today?” he asked, worry painted all over his face,

“It’s my sister I have gone to find her, she is in the center dessert, may I please stay the night here, but please do not tell my father, I know you’re loyal to him, but please?” I beg

“Fine my child, but I am worried for your safety so I will send you off with three brave girls.” he says

I was lead to a house, grabbing Castilla who was being coddled by a group of little children. I was going up a long pathway a distance away from the village. I than saw a big wooden hut that had smoke coming out the little hole in the top. I quickly sped up to the house, because I was freezing.

As soon as I walked into the doorway, I was greeted by the feeling of heat, but the shape of the place I was spending the night at was awful.

“What is this, This is no place for royalty .” I yell to Castilla who was cleaning her paws on the old dusty bed.

“Child you must be grateful, that this tribe decided to be nice enough and give you a place to sleep, and supplies.” she scoldes like a mother scolding her child. After her rant, I started to feel embarrassed and guilty, so I quickly apologized and decided I need sleep.

I fell into a deep sleep, and when I woke up I was surrounded by three girls. Each Girl looked different, the first had hair the color of horses hay and tan skin, the other had black hair and was short and chubby, and the last was the most pretty she had hair a deep shade of brown and eyes as grey as a storm cloud.

“You’re going to the Center Desert?” the girl with blonde hair asked.

“Yes may I ask who you are?” I politely ask

“Were being sent off to help you on your journey to save your sister.” the girl with Dark brown hair tells me completely ignoring my question of their names. The girl then quickly pulled me up, and sent me to get changed and then meet them by the pond.

“What took you so long?” The girls yelled in harmony

“Sorry my cat was hungry.” I say referring to the killed fish she was picking at. The girls all rolled their eyes, and climbed on their horses. I saw three men coming with my horse who looked well rested and fed. I rapidly put Castilla in the little pocket of the saddle, and mounted the horse.

“Let’s go.” I command to the girls.

We had been riding for the whole day, and we would be at the center dessert in no time, but because it was getting to be dark soon, we decided to stay in a Oasis not far from the center of the desert. One of the girls whose name is Laleh, put our supplies and blankets out, she was the most friendly and pretty of the band of girls. The other two refused talk to me or give me their names, so I was stuck with Laleh for right now.

I couldn’t sleep, I had a feeling that someone was watching me, and every once and awhile I would hear a rustling not too far away from me.

“Snap” I heard twigs break very close to where we are resting. I quickly snapped up into a sitting position waking up the girls next to me.

“Girls, there’s someone here!” I whisper yell

“You’re just hearing things.” the girl with the blonde hair tells me. Just like that three tall scruffy men tumble out the trees.

“AHH!” we all scream.

Laleh and the others quickly grab their weapons, and push them off me.

The girls had been fighting the men for quite some time now, the girl with black hair had been stabbed very badly, and was trying her best to keep them away from me. Each girl kept getting weaker and weaker, the men would have to leave at some point so they were trying there best. Laleh had just been stabbed by one of the men, that was it the barrier was down, I was going to die. I felt some movement in my sleeping bag to find castilla crawling out.

“Save them help your friends.” she whispered to me

“I can’t!” I yell, almost to the brink of tears.

“You can, if you save a life the closer it will bring you to finding your sister.” She whispered back to me.

I quickly stood up finding the bow and arrow left behind by one of the girls. Than I scooped up Castilla, and ran to the bushes not to far. I had the perfect view from here, to see the three bruised and injured girls fighting for their lives. I wobbily grabbed the arrow, and put it into the perfectly carved wooden bow. I than clumsily pulled back and it went straight into the man attacking Laleh. He crumbled to the floor, with fresh blood coming out the wound in his heart. I than pulled back the arrow for the next man, he fell to the ground, dying immediately. Now there was man left, he was sobbing and begging for his life, saying something about a man sending him, to slow our journey. He seemed almost hysterical, I decided to put him out of his misery and sent another arrow flying through his cold heart. I quickly ran out of the bushes to see the girls crumbled to the sanding ground.

“Help please!” They’re barely getting out of their mouths. I quickly dragged each one to the pond I had seen when I first got here, there was something about it actually, that dragged me there. As soon as the girls made contact with the lake something extraordinary happens, the water started to create a smoke a thick smoke, I couldn’t hear or see anything. The smoke did not set for what seemed like hours, but once it was done I saw the most extraordinary thing, each girl was asleep, with fresh robes and no cuts or bruises. I ran and grabbed one by one, and put them by the side of the pond. After I decided I needed some sleep, before sunrise, when we would get to the dessert.

I was woken by the shrikes of the girls. They kept yelling how they were alive, and other things of life.

“Please be quiet we have a full day ahead of us.” I sternly say to them

“Thank you so much Nefertiti, you have saved our lives, we will forever be in your debt.” the girl with black hair says to me.

“The first thing you may do to repay me, per say is tell me your names.” I say struggling to not laugh

‘My name is Gastia.” the girl with the long blonde hair tells me.

“My name is Helena.” the girl with Beautiful black hair tells me aswell.

“My name is Laleh as you already know.” she chuckles

“We should get going, but first we have to put our disques on so we blend with the people of the Center Dessert.” I say.

After we changed I went to were we had all our supplies to find something gone, it was Castilla. All that was left was a piece of papyrus saying “arak qaribanaan,” “see you soon.” I was very confused by this, but found this as a sign from Ra, to keep going. I walked to where the horses were being kept and mounted on my horse, like the rest of the girls. We put our supplies on the sides of our saddles, and galloped off excited for this adventure to soon be over.

Sand was going to my eyes, as we galloped down the dessert so close to the center dessert, you could feel the evil radiating off of the desert. We finally stopped in front of the huge broken down village. There were scruffed up people walking everywhere. You couldn’t tell anyone apart, they all wore ripped clothes, their hair was also very dirty and matted up. I than guided the girls to an area where we could hide the horses, Laleh than ran over to the side of an old clay house, and pointed to a clay shack that had the word “Spades” all over it. I all of sudden felt a burning sensation in the little pocket of my disguise. The burning wouldn’t stop and grew painful, I than put my hand into the pocket and reached for the key Castilla gave me.

“We need this to get in, this is where they’re saving my sister.” I say to the girls

“Let’s go, we need to be careful, and stay together no matter what, my grandfather would tell me stories as a young girl of the man who would eat the beautiful, so you need to stay covered Nefertiti.” Laleh tells me with a worried look on her face.

We slowly crept closer to the building, thankfully going unnoticed. I put the key into the small key hole and we all jumped in, I quickly closed the door. I couldn’t see anything it was so dark, but the only sound I heard was weeping of what sounded like many people. I called the girls over and we all started to walk towards the area of crying. The crying got louder and louder, until we reached a door, Helena pushed it open to reveal torches everywhere, and various people in holding cells, crying. The key started to burn again, so I knew these cells must open, but first I must find my sister. I ran down the long hallway until I reached a cell, with my sister who was emotionless in the corner of the cage.

“Catriona?” I ask. She quickly turns her head, a look of astonishment reaches her pale face. For once my big sister was quite, she was too stunned to talk.

“Let me open this for you.” I say quickly opening her cell, she slowly walks out, and points at the key for me to let the rest out. I than walk over to the other cells, and start opening one by one.

After opening them all, and commanding all the people to stay. I finally speak, ignoring the blessings.

“I have come to save you, but listen. Once we leave this awful place we must leave our ways, I can not help you sadly, but the one thing I can tell you to do is run.” I painfully have to say, I started to notice anger take over the crowd, and their faces of kindness and hope, turned into disgust and loathing. The large crowd started to make horrible noises. They than started to push on the door, until it brooke it open which created a horrible noise. Afterwords all the people started to run and leave the large dark room.

“OH NO!” Catriona shouted, her face growing more pale.

“What?” I ask confused at her growing nervousness.

“Hes going to come!” she shouts, like a mad person

“Who’s going to come?” I question

“Me.” a non familiar voice responded. I turn around to face a sickly looking man, his hair was dirty and matted up, his skin was pale, and his body was thin and bony.

“Who.. are.. You?” I question fear surfacing around my body.

“Shirazi, and you my dear I know, you are truly a beautiful specimen, you could only be one person, Nefertiti Antar.” he whispers into my ear.

“How do u know my name?” I say looking to the other girls to see them huddled up at the corner of the room, but then something takes my eyes. There’s a small cat lying right behind a box in the room, and the thing I notice about it is there is a shining piece of metal it’s playing with, a knife.

“You my dear will be delicious.” he says walking away from me turning his back. I than start walking more and more back, until the cat is an arm distance apart.

“My dear why have you walked so far away?” he says inching closer and closer to me. I than bend down so quickly, and grab the sharp metal cutting myself horrible in the process, ouch I yell as a thin stream of blood starts to drip down my arm.

“The blood of an angel.” he whispers inching closer and closer to me at the second. He was scaring me horrible I’ve never met someone as weird as this cannibal. I than did something I never thought I would have to do in my life, I sent the sharp needle right through his heart.

“AH!’ he shouted well collapsing to the floor clutching his chest.

“RUN!” I shout to the girls, as we run out of the dark and dangerous room. We were now running down the dark hallway, tripping over things in the process. I was clutching my poor sister’s hand, as we barged through the door to get out of this prison. The sun hit my eyes, like a million burning candles. I than collapsed into the dirt, but somehow managed to get back up and to the horses. At this point I was limping, and my beautiful face was pale bloody, and bruised. 
“LET’S GO!” shouts Helena, and we all take off, with a terrified Catriona clutching to the back of me.

We had been riding so fast I had no idea what took over us maybe it was the fear, but we had already passed many Oasis, and If I was correct the sun would set in three more hours, and it would maybe take us 2 hours to get back to the village where the three girls lived if we continued at this pace. I knew the horses were tired but they had to keep going. I than noticed something strange, the horses had been riding for such a long time, and they weren’t even sweating, I look over to Laleh, and point out the odd thing, and she just shrugs, and tells me it’s a blessing from Ra.

I start to notice a village in the distance, and I immediately know we have made it, to the tribal town. I start to give my horse a quick kick to see if he could accelerate some more, and like that she was jetting down the sand, straight to the village, once we got there she collapsed, me and Catriona had to jump or else she could have crushed us.

“You have returned my children, and I see with your treasure.” the tribe leader says walking out of his hut.

“May me and my sister please stay here one more night and than we leave?” I beg

“Of course you have gone through a long, and dangerous journey.” he tells us, giving Catriona a reassuring smile.

We were then lead down to the same hut I spent the night in last time, but before I went I ran and gave each girl a hug, and a huge thanks and blessing. They each smiled, and gave me a huge hug back. I than go and follow my sister who is almost there.

“Are you ready to go home?” I whisper to her.

“Yes please!” she chuckles.

“The horses will be rested tomorrow, and than we will make our way to the nile, where we will get on the boat, I left last trip here.” I notify her. Once we reach the hut, we give the lady our thanks, and go inside. I than run and collapse in the bed not bothering to change clothes, Catriona then joins me, and soon enough sleep overtakes my eyes, this journey was over… I hope.

Catriona and I woke up at just sunrise, and changed and bathed in the small pond behind the hut. We were now leaving giving everyone our thanks.

“Thank you so much?” I smile to the girls.

“No thank you, without you we wouldn’t have become friends.” I than give them my last blessing and we’re off to the boat.

“I can’t wait to get home.” Catriona says from behind me.

“Me too, mom and dad will be so happy.” I mutter, knowing that it will be the opposite for me.

I start to hear the noise of rushing water, and I know where very close. We ride for ten more minutes until I find the area where I left the boat, I mount of the horse, and tell Catriona to stay, I pull the tall mare, by the rains until I find the boat, I than run over to it, and carefully get my sister and the mare on it, and than I get on also. Than I realize I will have to guide the boat since I have no guards left with me. I than start to push the water with the large paddle, This wasn’t so hard, because the river was running, and I just would have to guide the boat and make sure we didn’t get lost.

I started to notice things that are very similar and knew that we were close, but this area of water we were in was filled with crocodiles, and it started to make nervous considering all the weight on the boat, and the dangerously unusually rapid water. Like that I started to notice that the boat was having lots of water start to come in.

“Oh no.” where my last words, when I was drenched in water, I quickly went up to the surface, to hear my struggling horse, and my sister’s screams. I swim very quick to my horse and strategically help push her out the water, once she was out I looked for my sister, I saw her climbing out not that far away, great it was now my turn to get out. Than everything became black, I saw spots everywhere, and I couldn’t hear, all I could see was the panicked looked on my petrified sisters face. I looked down and screamed at the amount of blood everywhere, I couldn’t move I was to scared a crocodile was trying to drag me down well my sister was grabbing my hand struggling to pull me out. I suddenly found a splurge of power go through me and I kicked leg very hard, and somehow thank Ra got out of the dangerous animals mouth. My sister gasped when she saw the condition I was in there was blood everywhere.

“Put me on the horse, I can’t walk.” I say barely above a whisper.

“Okay.” she said, struggling to pick me up and put me on the horse.

I kept my eyes open the entire walk back, seeing panicked children and peoples face when they saw the gruesome sight in front of them. Soon enough we were in front of the palace, I heard my sister talking to someone, but the world was becoming silent to me, the only thing I could do now is sit and pray to Ra.

“Shes awake.” I heard my sister yell, making me wince.

“My dear, you’re awake, how does it feel to be a hero.” she smiled, showing the first sign of affection for a very long time.

“It feels the same, but a lot more painful than before.” I whisper, noticing that my wounds were covered in cloth, but there still blood seeping through them, this was a sign that I didn’t have a lot more time left on my hands. I felt some moment in my arms and looked to see a purring Castilla in my arms.

“Mother what’s happening?” I whisper starting to feel more nervous.

“Your dying that’s what’s happening.” my father says interrupting my mother before she could even speak, his words were cold and distant, like he couldn’t give a care. I felt mother and sisters grip on my arm tighten, and felt the wetness on my hand from my mom’s silent tears. For some reason I grew tired, and found myself slipping, and slipping. My eyes were now closed and all I could hear where the sounds of my mother’s distant crying, but the thing that I heard the loudest was the purring of Castilla, it got louder, and sounded like a million horses running on a hard ground. I slowly fell asleep to her purr, until I awoke.

I found myself in a room cover with gods, I had been taught about every since I was little. They were all sitting in pure gold chairs , that were surrounding me, In the corner of my eyes I saw one empty I felt as it was calling my name. I wanted to get up and sit there, felt as if I belonged there in that seat. I controlled myself, and waited to be called on.

“My dear Nefertiti, we gather here today, to welcome our newest member to our world, she is one beautiful, yet smart, may we welcome you my dear Nefertiti here to sit with us and to be worshipped by others, you are the goddess of beauty.” a voice says in the distance.

I quickly gather all courage and stand, everyone in the rooms eyes follow me. I walked over to the large chair, and when I finally sat down in it, I felt all my cares be melted away, and I felt something knew, I felt immortalized.

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