I Propose for a Change!

An elevator pitch is a persuasive speech, with a goal of selling your topic within a short amount of time, typically no more than a few minutes. It is worth practicing because you will be able to enhance your communication skills. It is also a crucial skill to develop, especially when you may run into challenges involving an elevator pitch.

Hello, I am Kimberly a junior at the University of Minnesota Duluth, I am proposing that the university stop requiring students to take non-related courses to a student’s major/minor.

As a student, I often find myself stressing over making enough time for both non-related and related courses to my major and minor. I wish I could spend more time taking associated courses, I could apply. I assume a way to solve my problem is, I could extend my college career an extra year or take more courses within each semester. However, that’s not completely it, in evidence I struggle more in these non-related courses compared to the courses related to my major. In a result that hurts my overall GPA and performance because I’m a business student taking a history course. As a matter of fact, this has made me question my own ability going towards my major because I’m doing poor in these courses, not related to my major and minor.

The university should stop requiring students to complete non-related courses to their major or minor and instead promote that students take more courses, that are related to their major or minor. It would benefit a student more if their options were among related courses to their field that will help them further their understanding. This will allow students the opportunity to thrive in their field and expand their knowledge as much as possible within their 4 years.

By eliminating this requirement, the university would be guaranteeing that students will be using their time efficiently to prepare in their major or minor. This will benefit the university as well, for instances the university will have a higher graduation rate in addition to a higher rate of academic excellence.

So, ask yourselves do you want students to be fully equipped with the necessary courses to help them succeed in their field?