The 37 Hottest Startups In Dallas

The early days of your new venture is an exciting time. Your plan is coming together and your new business is growing fast.

You might develop a vitamin D deficiency from lack of exposure to sunlight, with some sleep deprivation and rarely see your friends or family, but an exciting time nonetheless.

Your small team is building something that clients love and each day brings new and exciting challenges.

Dallas is creating a special entrepreneurial atmosphere and is one of the fastest growing startup hubs in the world.

Traditionally led by large corporations and fortune 500 companies, startup teams are beginning to realize what large corporations have known for decades. Texas is the most business-friendly states in the nation.

The features that make Dallas an amazing place for business include an international airport that is centrally located to get you anywhere quickly, inexpensive real estate, great sports teams, world class restaurants and countless entertainment options. Dallas is on a short list of the best places to create a new business.

This list is for the fastest growing early-stage startups in Dallas, click here to see the Top Startups in Dallas

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#37 HomeBlis

Housework is something everyone needs to do but after a long day at work, that last thing you want to do is sweep the house when you walk in the door. Once the weekend comes you finally have some time off but now it’s time to do yard work and then clean the pool. HomeBlis created a way to easily book, manage, schedule and get reliable, reasonably-priced home services all in one place. Now you can look forward to going back home and simply living without worrying about housework. HomeBlis is for all homeowners who want to go home to no housework.

#36 Capparsa

Capparsa is a mobile-first software company that enables business productivity. They save you time through easy to use, intuitive and beautiful tools that increase your productivity. They avoid adding features that aren’t necessary, and they make key tasks always a tap or click away.

#35 LASH Delivery

Lash Delivery brings restaurant food and alcohol delivered in one order to your door in 60 minutes. Whether it’s for a party, or gifting or simply stocking up, skip the liquor store, avoid lugging around heavy bottles and, above all, don’t drink and drive.

#34 Primal Sensors

Primal Sensors is a real-time enterprise asset management platform for commercial construction. Project managers and stakeholders now have visibility into the present location of all valuable assets whether physical resources or human capital assigned to a project.

Their enterprise management platform can track thousands of assets, constantly collecting and maintaining data, enabling feature-rich analytics for project proficiency and allocation of resources. Tagged resources can also be monitored for theft or loss and workers can be monitored for efficiency and safety; all without having to allocate additional man hours. Resources that come on the site are logged and tracked from the moment of contact and can be located anytime, even months after delivery.

Managers can capture attendance information regardless of check-in mandates and monitor worker movement on the site to ensure their teams are working in the assigned areas. Using the Primal Sensors cloud-based delivery model, all levels of management have access to the same movement and location information.

#33 Klick Push

Klick Push’s marketing automation technology enables marketers to use curated music, which consumers can stream and download, as a form of content to drive marketing performance. Their products allow brands and agencies to more effectively connect with consumers through display ads, email marketing, social marketing, and mobile.

#32 Jackpot Rising

Jackpot Rising is a software solution that developers can integrate into their mobile games, enabling their users to compete against each other in contests for real money, and lots of it. The Company attacks the biggest obstacles developers face today including monetization, user retention, and sustainability.

They are legally bridging the gap between the $24 billion mobile gaming market and the $40 billion regulated iGaming industry. Creating a user experience that’s both exciting and thrilling by injecting an atmosphere where “It pays to be a winner” while providing a solution to developers’ biggest issues.

#31 Edition Collective

Edition Collective is a group devoted to the development of unique, sustainable, and innovative concepts in eCommerce and media. Its portfolio is comprised of Imprint, a curated retailer for men, and Foremost, an affordable, American-made clothing brand for men and women.

#30 Panamplify

Panamplify uses intelligent systems to eliminate the grunt work associated with setup, configuration, operation and reporting of complex analytics systems. Focusing initially on the marketing sector, Panamplify automates best practices for marketing campaigns enabling executives to take action based on business outcomes for all of their marketing related campaigns and activities.

A common approach to building an easy-to-use reporting system is to cut an enterprise system down to size by restricting features and providing a lot of pre-canned content. Panamplify is taking a different approach: they’re building systems that know enough about the domain being reported on to operate at a higher level of abstraction. This helps them avoid the brittleness they encountered using ordinary templates. The system’s knowledge is in the form of traditional artificial intelligence structures like rules, ontologies and plans. The use of these mechanisms allows the system to produce results that humans can understand and modify.

#29 Skyven Technologies

At Skyven, their goal is to drive down the cost of solar energy by enabling highly efficient solar harvest. Traditional solar panels today waste 80% of the sun’s energy, and even at their theoretical best they will still waste 67%.

Skyven is pioneering a solar concentrator platform that behaves just like a standard solar panel but enables much more efficient harvest of the sun’s energy. When compared to traditional technologies, their products generally double efficiency while holding overall cost constant, resulting in a 50% reduction in the cost of energy.

#28 Aperio Insights

Growing a business depends on a constant stream of ideas and innovation — ideas that can open new markets or grow existing ones. At Aperio Insights, they evaluate, weed out, and bring the best ideas to market. Using their proven model of market research, planning, and go-to-market strategy, they can fast-track your product or service launch, taking you from whiteboard to revenues much more quickly and with less financial risk.

#27 Servoyant

Servoyant is a unified software platform that helps organizations centralize device and infrastructure management, build a proactive technology ecosystem, and improve service levels while reducing delivery costs.

Imagine bringing together all the pieces of device and network monitoring, management, automation and reporting puzzle…asset management, configuration management, performance monitoring, lifecycle management, backup monitoring, application monitoring, IT task automation, SLA reporting, performance reporting, etc… Now picture it being delivered in a self-provisioning, rapid-deployment SaaS model with low TCO and high ROI.

#26 HedgeChatter

HedgeChatter correlates social media financial chatter to stock price by providing a platform which monitors keywords, trends, conversations and social media stock sentiment across a range of social media sites to determine the price direction of a stock.

#25 Nexiden

Focusing on awesome software security solutions for user authentication and transaction authorization. They are changing the username/password paradigm by getting rid of both. They leverage state-of-the-art encryption technologies to make their solution an order of magnitude more secure than what the world is doing today.

#24 Leaseful

A peer-to-peer marketplace for college subleasing. Students nationwide are forced to sign oppressive year-long leases despite only being at school for part of the year. Their service matches students looking to cash in on their vacant rooms with students in need of a place to sublease.

Many students have learned first hand how hard it is to either sublease their room or find temporary housing in a big city. Leaseful was created with the belief that students deserved a better way to sublease: a platform that eliminates the uncertainty that comes with posting on Craigslist, and a way to improve on the limited success that comes with advertising through friend referrals. The aim of Leaseful is to provide students with safe and easy subleasing options, while also having a positive impact on their wallets.

#23 Koar

Providing solid, rugged products for active lifestyles. Koar offers a line of great products so you can live life untethered. Providing durable gear that includes wearables, bags, and limited edition items. While working closely with esteemed designers and manufacturers the world over.

#22 Gumroad

Earn a living selling what you make. Thousands of writers, designers, game developers, musicians, artists, and filmmakers use Gumroad to turn hobbies into professions. An all-in-one solution to sell your work and grow your audience.

#21 GreenBasket

GreenBasket simply and conveniently connects international students and families with local ethnic grocers they know and trust through an online store and deliver those foods to their door the same day.

#20 is a unique open-source software solution that provides software developers an unparalleled easy-to-use API creation and management platform. The solution dramatically cuts development time and support costs, improves quality, and speeds time to market for their web and mobile applications.

The simple and easy to use drag-and-drop workflow solution revolutionizes the API development process by simplifying and eliminating time-consuming steps in the API process. developers are able to build APIs for web and mobile applications quicker and easier with no coding, learning curve, or previous experience required. The solution is highly differentiated from other solutions in the marketplace and allows developers to maintain control of their back-end logic while providing them real-time communication and a fully integrated solution.

#19 Clay Piggy

Clay Piggy is a virtual world gaming environment which teaches children basic money management skills and the concept of earning, spending, saving, investing and giving in a fun and social way. Clay Piggy users choose their avatars by selecting and customizing their piggy characters. Users earn virtual money by working at a job. Users also learn concepts of credit score, different kinds of bank accounts, depositing money into the bank, writing checks and using debit/credit cards.

#18 YooLotto

Brands and convenience stores now have a targeted advertising channel to engage directly with their target customers. Lottery players on average spend three times more on additional purchases than non-lottery players. Through the YooLotto app, they can deliver personalized mobile coupons and ads for your brands and direct players to your store through their mobile GPS feature.

#17 SurveyLocal

Their survey tool makes it easy for happy customers to promote their great experience with local companies on the review sites that matter. With a consistent flow of positive reviews, their clients enjoy the benefits of an impeccable online reputation, including increased contacts and ultimately, more revenue.

#16 Visage Payroll

They see a future where payroll is free and infinite. They are on a mission to provide free payroll to 1,000,000 small businesses by 2021.

#15 Axon Sports

Axon Sports launched with a concussion management system currently used by schools, leagues, and clubs at all levels, along with leading medical providers to safeguard the cognitive health of athletes.

While athlete safety is of critical concern, Axon Sports was founded with a broader goal of transforming the way athletes train for sport. They also develop products to train the athletic brain and accelerate the curve of skill acquisition.

Today, athletes develop key cognitive skills through practice time and game experience. Axon Sports believes there are ways to isolate and train high-speed decision skills off the field or court, through ‘athletic brain training’ and provide athletes with new training tools that accelerate this learning process and the acquisition of athletic expertise. Using Axon programs, athletes can get added ‘mental reps’ without taxing the body or risking injury.


Pickup is the instant delivery service featuring good guy drivers with pickup trucks. No need to rent or borrow a truck or move items on someone else’s schedule. Pickup helps you move almost anything (big or small), when and where you want to move it.

Their service provides a reliable, convenient way to move anything that fits safely in the back of a pickup truck. The best part? They’re available anytime you need them.

A great solution for the last fast mile from retail store to customer. They’ve created strategic partnerships to help retailers improve their customer’s experience by delivering items from the store to their homes the same day.

#13 TangoTab

In America, 50 million people struggle daily to find their next meal. This struggle is referred to as food insecurity. In stark contrast, over 1 billion meals are served at restaurants every week across the United States. With the TangoTab app, each time a person eats out, they could feed a person in need for no added cost. With these numbers, food insecurity can be a thing of the past.

Their mission is to bring awareness to the hunger problem and deliver a scalable, sustainable solution. They believe that every meal matters and that the hunger gap can be filled while we work on longer term solutions like supporting community gardens and educating people on nutrition.

Here’s how their business model works:

1) Restaurants fill empty seats by promoting their location on TangoTab.

2) Customers are able to claim great deals through the app and get a ‘fulfilling experience’ by using it.

3) TangoTab is paid by the restaurant for driving traffic

4 TangoTab donates a portion of the revenue to a local food bank to cover the cost of a meal for someone in need in your community.

#12 Robin Technologies

Robin brings modern convenience to yard service. You can instantly get an affordable quote online with nothing but your address — no phone calls required. Their work is delivered by experienced lawn care professionals and they also offer the convenience and security of credit card payment — no more scrounging around for your checkbook or cash and wondering why you’re being billed for services a month later. A new, modern approach to lawn care.

#11 Tixsee

Tixsee is a Dallas-based fan experience technology company started with a passion for authentic experiences and a mission to fundamentally evolve the way people connect with entertainment. Tixsee is working at the intersection of the team, venue, and fan to deliver data-driven mobile and web applications that amplify the fan experience.

#10 Nimbix

Nimbix is a provider of cloud-based high-performance computing infrastructure and applications. Nimbix offers hardware accelerated server platforms as a service and dramatically speeds data processing for life sciences, finance, and graphics applications.

#9 FanPrint

FanPrint is a Dallas-based eCommerce site for soft-apparel licensed by the NFL Player’s Association, NHL Player’s Association, and MLB Player’s Association. Three-time Super Bowl Champion, five-time Pro Bowler and ESPN NFL analyst, Darren Woodson, is the company’s Director of Business Development and a founding investor along with FanPrint’s CEO, T.K. Stohlman.

#8 Brand Protection Agency

Brand Protection Agency provides a portfolio of marketing and technology-centric SaaS solutions tailored towards empowering companies in their brand intelligence & protection initiatives. BPA’s core services provide their clients with pricing intelligence, intellectual property integrity, product channel tracking & tracing, and competitive insight.

#7 Embark

Embark is a boutique professional service consulting firm specializing in financial accounting consulting. Their unique process focuses on complete customization. They help your business grow, without breaking the bank.Their team of ex-public accounting CPA’s has helped develop and test SOX and internal control programs, provided a financial review and audit preparation assistance, and served in an outsourced SEC and financial reporting function.

#6 Koupon Media

Koupon Media enables retailers to create, manage and deliver highly targeted, hyperlocal mobile offers to individuals through sophisticated segmentation. Retailers and brands can optimize offer-to-purchase conversion specific to store locations through actionable insight along the path to purchase, from offer delivery all the way to store-specific offer redemption.

Their cloud-based coupon manager centralizes the creation and management of offers, segmentation of consumers, setup and activation of geofencing, omnichannel delivery of mobile offers, and rich campaign performance reporting and analytics. Their one-time use mobile offers are fraud-proof, easy to use for cashiers and consumers, and require no integration with POS.

#5 Loopback Analytics

Loopback Analytics, a cloud-based company, is a pioneer in empowering health systems and post-acute care organizations to more effectively manage care transitions and reimbursement challenges in a “pay-for-outcome” environment.

Healthcare in America is at a crossroads. The traditional payment model of “fee-for-service” is giving way to “pay-for-outcomes,” placing new emphasis on care transitions. This represents a dramatic shift in the overall approach to the delivery of health care. It now requires a comprehensive solution to manage at-risk populations and match effective interventions or face serious financial repercussions. Loopback Analytics provides a hosted platform that enables near real-time connectivity to clinical data across a wide range of systems spanning the care continuum.

The Loopback Analytics comprehensive management platform helps identify at-risk patient populations, match interventions and measure efficacy to improve clinical and financial outcomes. The platform integrates data across a myriad of health care information systems to bridge the expanding gaps within the care continuum. This information empowers health systems and post-acute care providers to identify at-risk patient populations, match them with appropriate interventions and evaluate results to ensure consistent quality care.

#4 Music Audience Exchange

Music Audience Exchange is a content and experiential marketing platform that gives brands a scalable way to form meaningful relationships with their audiences through the power of music. MAX powers strategic, music-centric programs for the world’s largest brands.

#3 Pieces Tech

Reimagining the intersection of healthcare and technology. They build software that interprets patient data in real-time, transforming billions of points into warning tools that can save lives and strengthen communities inside and outside of hospital walls.

Improved coordination of information between various transitions means lower readmissions, healthier patients, and tangible savings. Their solutions for health care systems can solve issues before a patient leaves the hospital or care setting.

#2 A Mediocre Corporation

A Mediocre Corporation is an eCommerce incubator experimenting with ways to make shopping fun again. Testing out new models of selling product through consumer-facing websites, each of which will test out some hypothesis or online business model incubated through their laboratories. In addition to launching eCommerce sites, they currently provide product to national and regional retailers as well as provide products to daily deal and flash sale sites through fulfillment.

They look for exclusive opportunities on products across multiple categories and distribute these products quickly and quietly. Their goal is to help manufacturers solve their inventory problems. Whether you’re a daily deal or flash sales site, a brick-and-mortar store, or standard eCommercee retail, they can handle your wholesale and fulfillment needs.


#1 Dialexa

From strategic consulting to visual and interactive design, to software and hardware development, to product and service launch planning, Dialexa loves to solve the hardest technology challenges.

Dialexa believes that digital transformation is changing all industries — their projects have spanned automotive, healthcare, consumer goods, enterprise software, financial services, aerospace, defense, transportation, retail, technology, media, and telecommunications.

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