A Males Guide To Female Communication

Women are difficult to understand. Trust me, but once you understand them, you won’t have a thing to worry about. Here’s a guide to understanding them. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Actually listen to her (or be really good at pretending.) Either way, the woman will think you care and won’t be so irritated all the time. They want to think that you genuinely care about their feelings, and just want to be loved. Which I mean, is sometimes hard to do. But don’t have short responses when they are telling you how they feel about something. They want to think you actually care, even though deep down, they know you don’t.

Step 2: Try new things with her. She wants to have someone that she can do anything with. You might not want to do the things she wants to do, but she loves when you do things with her. And, if you do things with her that you don’t want to do, then she’ll do things with you that she doesn’t want to do. Also, if you want to win her heart, this is definitely a good thing to do

Step 3: Talk about how you feel about things. She wants to know what you’re thinking about, and how you feel about almost everything. She wants to understand you and how your feelings work. She wants you to understand her the way she understand her. So talk about your feelings and understand everything will be so much better in the relationship.

Step 4: Think about her feelings before doing anything. If she doesn’t like something, don’t do it around her. She has reasons to why she doesn’t like it, so she doesn’t want you to do it. She might not like you doing something because it could hurt you in the long run. She just wants the best for you, and she gets mad when you don’t listen because she knows it’s not good for you to do. Or she just wants you to be happy and healthy.

Step 5: Make an effort. No matter what it is, just show her you care. It could just be giving her flowers, or holding her hand in public. Just show her you’re proud to have her and you want to be with her. Just make her feel loved, and she will be a lot happier.