Good to Glow Make-up Products

Make-up has become a large part of what society is today. Lots of people have created careers out of make-up. Creating new techniques and creating new things to do. There are lots of make-up brands out there, and all of them have their hits and misses. I’m gonna talk about all the hits and some of the misses for some of my favorite brands.

One of my favorite brands is Morphe. They make amazing eye shadow pallets, and their shades are very pigmented. One of my favorite pallets is The Jaclyn Hill Pallet. It has a beautiful arrangement of browns, reds, pinks, and blues. The colors are all very pigmented and swatch very well. Here is a picture of the pallet:

Jaclyn Hill is a YouTuber that did a collaboration with Morphe to create a pallet that would work on everyone, and was kind of like a “dream pallet.” She wanted to have a variety of colors, with tons of pigment, so everyone could use it. I would definitely recommend this pallet.

Another make-up brand I love is Tarte. Tarte has a wide selection of different types of make-up. One of the most popular products, and what Tarte is known for, is Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. They also have Tarte Shape Tape Foundation. They both work very well and I highly recommend both. The foundation comes in hydrating and matte, both have excellent formulas, and hold up through out the day.

Using the foundation and concealer together makes a flawless complexion.

Another good brand is Too Faced. The foundation has a “2nd skin finish” a semi matte, perfect complexion. This foundation is medium to full coverage and is build-able. This is one of my top choices of higher brand products, and the concealer works great on top of the foundation. I completely recommend this product. It is long wearing, and can last through the whole day.

Make-up brushes are a bug part of how your make-up looks. There are lots of different types of brushes, big and small. But each one has an individual purpose. There’s packing brushes, used to pack on pigments in eyeshadow looks. There’s blending brushes used to blend all your eyeshadow shades together. There are foundation brushes, powder brushes contour brushes, and highlight brushes. The hairs on the brushes have to be soft, but not too soft. The brand Morphe has great brushes that work very well. One of their brush sets was also made by Jaclyn Hill. She created a set of brushes for everything you could think of. They are high quality, and can be used in any make-up related situation. One of the most used brushes are blending brushes, and she made plenty of those, so you never run out of them. I would recommend her Master Collection or even just her face or eye collection.