Super duplex forgings are of two types.They are as socket weld forged fitting and threaded forged fittings.Above figure shows different types of socket weld forms and its various types.

Oshwin Overseas Also Supplies ASTM A815 fittings in various forms including ASTM A815 Elbow, ASTM A815 Tee, ASTM A815 Cross, ASTM A815 End Caps, ASTM A815 Stub Ends, ASTM A815 Pipe Nipples, ASTM A815 Couplings, ASTM A815 Reducer, ASTM A815 Bends. ASTM A815 Fittings supplied by Oshwin Overseas has a mixed microstructure of both austenitic And ferritic stainless steels with 22% Chromium (also Known As 22cr ASTM A815) 3% Molybdenum, 5 To 6% Nickel alloyed stainless steel, Thus, ASTM A815 Fittings Or ASTM A815 Buttweld fittings offers excellent resistant to corrosion and very high mechanical strength.

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