We’ve Changed Our Name

We’ve had a minor re-brand, changing our name from ‘Politics For Beginners’ to ‘2 2 4 Politics’.

It’s been pointed out to us that our original name implies that content would be more neutral and less opinionated than some of our writing has been. Our intent was always to write straightforward, accessible political content, respectful of differing points of view. But we have a definite perspective of our own.

Our new name is a reference to a line 1984’s Winston Smith writes in his diary — “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”

We believe that political debate is best enhanced not by the false ‘fairness’ of reporting that some people believe two plus two make four and others believe that two plus two make five, but trying to respectfully explore which of those statements is factually correct.

There won’t be a change in the tone of our posts, but we feel that this new name better suits the style of political writing we’ve been writing.

This change is also an opportunity to standardise our usernames across platforms — you can find us under 224Politics on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Tumblr, WordPress and Medium.