Pasadena, CA

We have entered the neXt … Television has been regulated to an App. Broadcasting as we now know it is on its last transmissions as Over-the-Top schemes are starting to flourish with the mobile generation.

We want to partner with the local businesses, community leaders, activist and politicians in order to provide community access programming without all the bureaucracy in Cupertino, Pasadena, Inglewood, Playa Vista, South Park LA, and Washington DC.

We feature iOS, tvOS, OS X integration to keep your message fluid across the entire Apple Inc. ecosystem, at the same time we can design in HTML5 for universal platforming.

Our Organic Platform Placement is the solution to your online promotional needs. No need to worry about Ad-Blockers … we are the creators; no need to worry about mobile … we are the designers; no need to worry about platforms … we are the developers.

The solution specializing in Rapid Application Development (RAD) | Cupertino | Pasadena | Altadena | Inglewood | Silicon Beach | South Park LA | Washington DC

Our reactive designs move at the speed of technology.