Paw town design concept

Paw town is a new pet store in town!

Today in design class, we imagined we were free lance designers, trying to win the favor of a pet store trying to run a business. They had recently started their business, however they had no logo or brand concept. We had to make both of them, and then present our work as an Adobe Voice and then as a Slate. I should mention that the pet store also sold reptiles as well as the normal pets.

This was my Adobe Voice. I described the logo ideas individually and descriptively. I also described how it connected to the main concept. The target for this was the client, who wanted the pet store to have a minature zoo or jungle theme. So that is how I designed the logos.

The slate was more for presenting the branding concept. Although the client will be able to see this, this slate was mainly meant for advertising purposes. It presented the products being sold (with the brand applied, of course) and talked about how it could help with the customer’s pet care problems.

So now, I have covered the presentations, but I believe you will be wondering about the logos. Well, I have that covered as well. Here they are:

Of course, these were only my starting ideas. My client however, he liked the third one. So I decided to improve on that one.

I found this design cartoony, so I worked on it a little further.

This was my final design. I finished this, then did the rest of the required work. So now that I have covered everything, I will now close it off by saying bye.

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