Paw Town

There is a new pet shop opening called Paw Town. The designer (who is me) has used two different apps to make a website and video about Paw Town. These apps help make a small idea become bigger, better and more professional.

Firstly I would like to talk about Adobe Voice. Adobe voice is an app that helped me create an awesome video dedicated to the owner of Paw Town. Adobe Voice takes your idea of a story and gives you guidance in things like images, voice recordings, text and many more important things. Here is the Adobe Voice for Paw Town. Remember this video was dedicated to the owner of Paw Town.

Now, I would like to talk about Adobe Slate. This is the app that was used to create Paw Town a website. This website was not dedicated to the owner but it was dedicated to you, the customers. Adobe Slate is an app that will give you guidance to creating a unique slideshow but in this case a unique website. Adobe Slate will help you to accomplish a professional piece of work even if you are only in primary school. This is my Adobe Slate for Paw Town. Now remember this, this website is dedicated to you.

I hope you have learned about how to create a professional design website and video using only two of the best creative apps. I also hope that these apps will bring as much enjoyment that I have had playing around and designing professionly even though I am only eleven!

Please be sure to check out Paw Town as it is opening soon. You never know what you might find at a new and unusual pet store! This is Paw Town’s unique logo so now you know what to look out for if you are trying to find the store.

Have a good day and please be sure to visit Paw Town soon because if you love pets than this is the pet store for you.