Twin Souls — In the Beginning

Catamount — the ski slopes
“Things could only get better” — Howard Jones

Joey could not believe his eyes. For the past 18 years, the amount of time he had been on this earth, he had a consistent picture of his dream girl in his mind. His dream girl was at least 4 inches shorter than him, with blonde hair, big blue eyes and a smile that could light up a room. An athletic body, kind demeanor and a strong presence was also on the list. But most of all his dream girl had an aura about her that could be seen by anyone around her. He never would have expected to meet someone with all of these qualities. But if they had at least three, he would be happy.

Yet now here she was in the flesh. Even more unbelievable was the fact that he had somehow convinced her to ski with him all day. And he really did not have to convince her. He kind of pointed at her and told her they were going to ski together. She had not answered but she did not say no which was a good sign. He wondered how he had gotten so lucky. Where had this girl been all of his life?

They were in the ski lodge getting ready for a fun day of skiing. The weather was below freezing but it was a crisp, blue day. The ski lodge had been updated, so it had more of a modern feel with long tables and a substantial offering of food for the tired and hungry skier. Today it was crowded as the ski conditions were optimal. As he sat at one of the long café tables in the crowded ski lodge, he watched her gather her ski gear over by the lockers. He hoped she would not see him staring but he was amazed. Her sunny demeanor and the light within her shined so bright that he could see that she was noticed by everyone around her. When she had walked to the restroom earlier, he caught other guys checking her out. He knew he wasn’t the only one who saw the glow. He was sure almost everyone did. And it didn’t hurt that she was hot too. Just looking at her, he could feel the desire rise from deep within him. He was sure she probably had a boyfriend. He did not want to get his hopes up only to get crushed.

What am I going to talk about all day? he thought. I have been waiting for this moment my whole life and now I don’t know what to do. Just be your regular charming self, you know how to speak to people his inner voice said. Sure, he knew how to hold a conversation. He had a sales job for goodness sake and he had to make conversation with absolute strangers all day long. So why was he so worried about today. What was he scared of? His heart was pounding so loud and his hands had gotten sweaty despite the cold air. He needed to get it together.

He watched her as she sat down and started the onerous task of putting on her ski boots. He could not take his eyes off of her. She had on tight black ski pants and a black ski parker with a fur trimmed hood. The ski outfit outlined her shape perfectly and he could see she had all of the curves in the right places. He could also tell that she either played sports or worked out. He wanted to soak her in. He was determined to record a picture of her in his mind and wanted as many details as possible. He took note of her curves, her cute nose, her small hands and her beautiful face. Plus, she had a confidence about her yet she was so innocent. It exhilarated and also scared him. Why would a girl like this be interested in me he thought?

At 18, he was still a virgin. It sounded corny for a guy to still be a virgin at that age but the opportunity had not presented itself. Sure he had quite a few girlfriends and had gone to third base, but he had not gone all the way. Joey had not met anyone who really interested him all that much so despite having opportunities, he had not pulled the trigger yet.

In his heart he knew that he wanted to have this girl as a girlfriend. He never believed in love at first sight, yet he felt this overwhelming desire and love for this girl that he did not even know. It wasn’t just lust, although he would certainly welcome a physical relationship. But there was something about her that mesmerized him and he could not take his eyes off of her. His heart fluttered at the thought of being with her.

Kim was not in a great mood. She was on a day trip with the pastor of her church and the church youth group. She should have been on her long awaited, week long ski trip, but due to her stupidity she was at a local mountain on a day trip. She loved to ski, but she had made a poor decision and had done something really stupid and no surprise got punished. So now as her friends were on a ski trip to a great resort in the Poconos for the week, she was here with a bunch of kids from church.

She was mad at herself and at her parents. She was only 15 years old and was very curious about everything. Combine that with extremely strict parents and it was a recipe for disaster. A few weeks ago she had a friend sleep over so they could go on the school ski trip together early the next day. They should have gotten a good night sleep and woken early with energy and ready for an exciting ski day. Instead they drank most of a quart of vodka, acted loud and stupid, threw up all over the house and woke everyone. Needless to say, her parents were less than amused and her punishment was steep. She lost the opportunity to go on the ski vacation and she was given a long list of chores to be completed over the next two months. She had thought about her stupidity for the entire three-hour drive to the mountain. She would have liked to say that she was thinking about what she did wrong, but the whole time she could not help but focus on what her father had said to her the morning after the debacle. He had told her that she was the cancer of the family and cancer was something they needed to get rid of. She already had a strained relationship with her parents and this comment pierced her heart. She could not stop thinking about it. She was a good kid. She got straight A’s in school, had decent friends and was generally a good person. So why was it so hard to have a good relationship with her parents, she thought.

She sat for three hours smooshed into the back seat of the car. The driver was her friend Peter’s older brother. All she knew was that his name was Joe and he was in college. However, she was too distracted to even notice him. She wanted to stop thinking about her family issues but for some reason she could not turn it off. So now she was at a ski mountain in Massachusetts. It was nice but was not even a comparison to the ski trip she had planned to go on. The white snow was glistening in the sun and the mountains were covered with fresh white powder. The mountain looked like a white canvas with lush green evergreens framing the trails. In the distance, she could see the snow blowers continuing to make snow. There were skiers there but it was not overly crowded. There was a main ski lift in the middle of the mountain that went straight to the top and smaller ones on the side. She knew they had a few good runs and despite the cold it was a day where the sky was a deep blue and the sun shined brightly.

She tried to look at the bright side of this unfortunate incident. She knew she had a mistake and she was not going to make it again. And at least it was a sunny day with clear blue skis and fresh new snow to ski on. Plus, a couple of her friends were here. And then she remembered that she had committed to spending the day skiing with her friend Peter’s brother. Why had she said ok? She did not even know him. Besides he was a college boy and they were known for only wanting one thing and she was not that type of girl. She was not even experienced. She had quite a few boyfriends and dates over the past but no one really special. She had the type of relationships where you could say you had a boyfriend. The kind where you leave notes for each other and occasionally went to the movies on the weekend. But she considered those relationships more as friendships. Besides, she had a whole life ahead of her. And she was sure this guy probably had a girlfriend anyway so why bother.

She looked across the ski lodge at him. He was cute. Tall compared to her and he appeared to be in good shape. He looked like he spent time at the gym or played sports or both. He had nice thick brown hair that was not too short nor too long and big blue eyes. He looked happy and could be fun to hang out with. But she didn’t even know this guy and she certainly was not in a good mood.

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