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How You can Own a Dating Site and Make Money


Dating services have become a new frontier for Internet marketing attracting a mega following across the globe. The desire for love and romance is universal and is an unspoken norm that everyone understands. This provides a background to understanding the apparent lure it has for a huge segment of humanity.

The developments in technology and Internet access have made it easy and commonplace to be in touch with people of races, color and persuasions at the touch of a button. The makeover of old school pen-pal following of the age gone by, up to the nineties have given rise to the huge social media network of our present world.

This possibility has given rise to the sprouting of dating sites across the Internet helped by the ready mass of love seeking people from all walks of life.A number of persons have found love online and have gone ahead to live a life of bliss. A success story in a dating factory without doubt makes others continue in their push for a fairy tale of the same sort. For a large majority,it is an open invitation to the possibilities of the millionaire matchmaker , love genie or cupid bazaar.

1.The Entrepreneurial Edge

Entrepreneurs have on the other side also seized on the opportunity by opening up affiliate sites across the length and dimensions of the globe. The biggest incentive seems to be an easy set up cost for websites as well as a ready market for patrons.

Some of the largest gambit used to lure people to these sites include;

-Pictures of pretty girls

-Pictures of handsome men


-Pornographic videos

All these factors are known to cross racial lines, and barriers were making it easy for every person to understand the intent and possibilities of such websites. A picture like they say’’speak louder than a thousand words’’ and without doubt, it roars for this market segment.

The banners,text and link ads of such sites are commonplace online, and they are easy to find on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and news gathering sites respectively.

Any of these sites able to convert their clicks and database to a sale makes money from subscriptions and huge Income from the resultant conversions.


The pricing regime for these websites is another factor that attract people to register and retain membership. The average website will charge between $20 to 40 dollars a month per member in order to access and send messages to other members.

High-end services are also deployed in the form of video and online chat rooms by some of the dating factories. This is an additional incentive that lure members into longer stay on site as they can move from one chat room to another as they seek for love and fun.

The segmenting of the business by the site operators helps them get cut of the high paying patrons who might be willing to pay an upward of $100 and above for monthly subscriptions.

3.Multi-Country approach

A good dating factory will look beyond a single country or territory when designing its business plan. This makes it easy for leveraging on the diversity of membership when local conditions might prove as a limiting factor to both patronage and expansion. The most-successful dating factories work across borders was leaving their patrons to decide on whom to follow, date or interact.

All these when put together constitute the real bottom-line of dating business online. A dependable service provider, robust support services and multimedia features combine to make the elite sites stand out from the crowd.

Dating services have proven to be a big beneficiary of the online business and offshoots of the Internet revolution across the towns, cities, and nations of the world.

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