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Think about social media and how it is affecting of children and society is there a way to stop it well yes there is .If you receive an negative comment are response don’t reply .Kids are the further of our world without them we can’t live in an peaceful society .Think about the main fact about it how kids not even kids alone adults have been hurt from people on social media and cruel comment .How many people that gave up on life for just comments and the way thing about them . In case you ask yourself this why is social media like this ?the answer for that is way adults and children carry there self ,its the way they talk and mostly the kind of things they say and the things they post on social media .Before all of this was social media a very good website your answer is yes it was an very good website.Because it was an website that you could go on and talk about the way you feel and the way you could talk about things and interact with people .But over the months and years social media have been affecting life’s and leaving people hopeless about things .If you are an parent check your child phone every day to see what they are doing with if what they are doing is something important are okay well you are on a good track with your kids but that doesn’t mean that every thing is okay .Well you should actually known when something is wrong with your child are not .Always be sure to check up on your kids and make the place a better place for the kids that is our further.