Day 40: A Metamorphosis

Caterpillars are functional but ugly creatures. They have too many legs, they creep, they crawl, but they survive and they work. The interesting thing about the caterpillar is that during it’s life a period of profound transformation takes place that completely changes its form into something that looks and appears to be completely different.

The caterpillar spends months in a cocoon and comes out the other side a butterfly. It doesn’t have to creep anymore, it doesn’t have to worry about all of those legs, it is lighter and it is free. It no longer has to crawl and struggle to transport itself, it has learned to fly.

The amazing part about this is that despite the transformation, it’s DNA remains the same.

People are capable of this same metamorphosis, I know it first hand.

The same cocoon wraps you up and requires you to shut out the outside world. On the other side you emerge as something free, something different, and something that is able to fly.

Those who knew you as your former self, something that struggled to move, creeping through life, will question whether your transformation is real and whether you will recoil back into your old self. When you have felt the absolute freedom of flight, the freedom of honesty, self awareness, empathy, caring, and purpose in life, there is no turning back. Just as the butterfly won’t someday give up its new found capabilities and freedoms, neither will the person. There is no turning back to a weaker and less fulfilling life.

A butterfly has the ability to move quickly, something it never had before it spent all of that time in a cocoon. Sometimes it’s hard to slow down and let the people around you realize how life changing a metamorphosis can be. When you open yourself up to pure honesty it begins to improve all of your relationships in life. You want to go from crawling to flying right away. When something is worth it though you need to realize that acceptance and trust dont appear overnight. When it’s worth waiting for, you wait. Hopefully you don’t have to wait forever to experience the love you always wanted but didn’t know how to have.