Five Reasons You Should Consider Taking Mobile App Marketing Services

Nowadays, it is difficult for app developers and publishers reaching billions of smartphone users as the number of apps surges in the app stores. Mobile app marketing is one of the very crucial marketing strategies for companies and app publishers. The blog discusses an importance of mobile app marketing services.

The Internet witnesses a paradigm shift in terms of access from PCs to smartphones. Following are the interesting facts regarding smartphone penetration in the world:

  • In the US alone, there are 271 million mobile subscribers
  • Cell phones are 5 times more in numbers than PCs in the world
  • 91% of adults keep their smartphones within their reach on 24/7 basis
  • Out of more than 6.5 billion people, 4 billion use smartphones

As companies want to reach a huge audience of smartphone and tablet users, they opt for either mobile sites or apps. But then, mobile apps have a proven track record in engaging and enticing people worldwide, and, hence, it is more beneficial for companies to come forward with an app.

Mobile apps can serve two primary business objectives:

  • They can gain brand recognition and loyalty and provide a solid platform for promoting products or services
  • They can generate revenue through in-app purchase, ads of sponsors, etc.

In short, they can serve important purposes of companies and app publishers. But then, in the flood of both commercial and business apps, it is difficult to make apps popular. As app stores witness surge in the number of apps, companies require proper marketing of mobile apps. There, an app store optimization (ASO) and app store keyword management concepts have vital roles to play.

Following are the reasons why companies require mobile app marketing services:

  1. Retention of customers: At times, people delete an app after using it once or twice even if it has innovative and interactive features. As per a survey, 90% of the people are gone within six months after downloading an app. Such services help companies retain both prospective and existing customers through marketing strategies.
  2. Advantage of technological advancement: In terms of analysis of an app marketing campaign and promoting an app with aggression, companies get the advantage of the latest technology through such services.
  3. Competitive edge: A survey says that people have 26 installed apps on an average, which means that companies have to compete with 26 other apps for drawing attention. Such services help companies address this difficulty and provide them a competitive edge.
  4. Benefits of social media boom: Such services use social media platform for aggressive marketing of apps. The strategy offers companies to promote their products or services on social media platform along with marketing of apps.
  5. Market research and regular update: With innovative tools and techniques, such services providers do extensive research about the market trend depending on the category of an app and provide end-to-end solutions for effective marketing. Along with this, as per changing market requirements, they can update an app with the latest features.

In brief, efficient mobile application marketing strategies serve many purposes of companies and app publishers. is a renowned mobile app marketing services provider, which has in-house team of experienced professionals in the mobile application marketing domain.

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