How to take care of your windshield wipers?

When you purchase a new set of wiper blades, they come with clean, crisp edges. These edges ensure the wipers slide evenly on the windshield. To delay the time related to wiper replacement, you need to follow some instructions. The very basic requirement is to use a clean towel and a good quality glass cleaner to clean them regularly. Applying a windshield treatment after few months is also a good idea, as it repels water. To detect any damage on rubber, use your finger.

You need to give a special emphasis on maintenance of wiper blades during winters. The wiper arms must be put up if you park your vehicle outside. Using defroster to get rid of snow or ice, which is present on the windshield, is also a good idea. Do not commit the mistake of cleaning the snow with your wiper blades.

These maintenance tips will surely increase the life of wipers, but, ultimately, you have to get them replaced. The replacement is needed when the wipers start leaving streaks or patches on the windshield. Sometimes, the wipers clean only one side of the windshield, which is clear sign that you need a new one.

Sometimes, the worn out blades may not show any visible signs of damage. Therefore, you must check them manually after few months. In case a damage or wear is detected, replace the wiper blades. Various auto experts suggest that you must replace the wipers during the spring season and again during fall.

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