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Are you a Home Remodeling writer or Company seeking to expand your brand through guest posting? So are we and would love to collaborate together to guest post on each other's sites.

Please contact us if you are interested in writing for us and want us to write for you.


DA 40 DR 50


Become a Contributing Writer

If you have not written for homeinside.netand would like to, provide links to your previous work and any accompanying info that you would like to have considered.

By submitting a guest post to homeinside.net you are agreeing that:

  • The post is your original work.
  • The post has not been published anywhere else online.
  • You retain the ownership, authorship, and copyright of your post.
  • You grant homeinside.net exclusive online publishing rights for your post.
  • You will not submit the post for republication anywhere else online while it remains at homeinside.net
  • You will not republish the post on your own blog or website while it remains at homeinside.net


  • Your original work of 2000–3000 words, that has not been published anywhere else online.
  • Sebring Design Build will do all topic and sub-topic research in the form of an outlined brief.
  • The article must have a Grammarly Score of 70 or higher.
  • We allow (1) Outbound link to a Website that applies to topic and is helpful to the reader.
  • The article must meet one or more of these three criteria:
  • The reader can DO something.
    It’s practical. There are steps they can take. List formats are great for this, they make a post more scannable and reader-friendly.
  • The reader LEARNS something.
    We want to teach something to our readers, so you need supporting evidence. Facts, research, and expert input make your assertions more believable.
  • The reader FEELS something.
    You felt something when you wrote it. It’s your voice and your opinion. It means something to you, good or bad. If you don’t care, why would our readers?


Please include with your submission your byline and any biographical information as you would like it to appear in the published post.

  • Your name as you wish it to appear in the byline.
  • A brief (1–3 sentence) bio (optional).
  • A headshot photo of yourself (optional).
  • Your blog/website address (optional).


Please reach out first to inquire and we then will ask for the following:

  • plain text file
  • formatted HTML
  • Microsoft Word file

Please submit images:

  • in JPG format
  • title image o be a minimum of 1200 pixels wide
  • a photo taken by you or a royalty free, Creative Commons image with proper attribution details

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