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Despite the fact that the share of online sales is growing rapidly all around the world, the players of this market face a number of problems:

  • One of these problems is the high speed of development of technologies. According to forecasts, in 2020 about half of the inquiries will be made by voice, while today only the largest sites are able to sell through this channel (for example, Amazon with Alexa voice assistant).
  • Small and medium retailers find it difficult to compete with leading players in terms of assortment, speed, and cost of delivery, and the market is only getting bigger. More than half of online purchases in the U.S. …

We barely had time to catch our breath after IRCE in Chicago and soon left for Rise in Hong Kong, the largest technology conference in Asia. Since we are planning to open an office in Singapore, Rise was a must-visit for us.

This conference helps to enter the Chinese market with 830 million Internet users in 2019 (with only 60% of connectivity).

The Conference

Rise is a technological conference for startups conducted by the organizers of the Web Summit in Lisbon. This year, 553 investors, 385 speakers, 800 media representatives, and 777 startups took part in it.

Every year Berlin hosts the world’s largest trade fair for electronics and household appliances, IFA, which covers 161,000 m² of floor space and attracts 1,800 exhibitors and 240,000 visitors. We went to Berlin for these six days to see where the world’s e-commerce is heading.

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Alexey Chekhvalov (New Business Director in 24ttl) during IFA 2019

What happened at IFA 2019

The exhibition takes place at the Messe Berlin exhibition center, in the city’s outskirts. It is targeted towards the end-users, so it does not show innovation and know-how behind the scenes, but rather the final products. It seems as if the visitors are entering a massive hypermarket with hundreds of refrigerators, washing machines, and TV sets. Mainly European and Chinese brands are represented. Many independent OEMs from China are looking for an extra load for their production capacity.

In addition to the exhibition, two other events took place: IFA+ SUMMIT and IFA Global Markets. IFA+ SUMMIT is a conference dedicated to development trends of consumer electronics. Entrance to the conference is possible with a separate ticket, starting from 350 euros. The Global Market is Networking-oriented — multiple meetings of manufacturers and distributors are organized in the center of Berlin. Entrance is free, but strictly with accreditation. IFA also hosts IFA Next, an exhibition of technology start-ups, which occupies a separate pavilion. Next is not as well known as the CES event, but it helps the founders of new companies find their first dealers and distributors. …

IRCE Exhibition

IRCE is a part of the RetailX expo that also includes GlobalShop and RFID.

It took place at McCormick Place in Chicago on June 25–28. For these three days, IRCE was attended by 20,000 visitors. It held thousands of exhibitors such as Amazon, eBay, Magento, Shopify, and others.

IRCE 2019 through the eyes of 24ttl

However, most of the exhibitors are represented by middle-sized companies offering application-oriented solutions. We noticed no innovative Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, nor Mixed Reality projects.

All companies were open to communication and gladly got acquainted with each other to become partners in the future. …

AR filters — the shortcut to hacking your social media game that you are missing out on illustrated with a case study of snoozing on digital innovation by Mercedes-Benz.

Something noteworthy is happening right now on social media. The so-called “filters” are booming on and while most people think they are just fun and games, they are actually the shortcut that has the potential to hack your brand’s social media game that we have all been waiting for. We haven’t had an option of a shortcut in some YEARS now.

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For example, Face Swap filter that was released on Snapchat a couple of months back brought Snapchat 200 000 MILLION new users in just 2 weeks from being released. This kind of growth in user base definitely played a role in helping Snap deliver stronger than predicted Q2 earnings sending its stock up over 10 percent in after-hours trading the day the Q2 numbers were announced. …

The matter of interaction between brands and marketplaces is one of the most critical issues for the e-commerce industry today.

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It’s no use saying that brands benefit from cooperation with marketplaces: the amount of traffic that comes to their pages is disproportionately larger than on their own platforms. And big traffic is big data, which opens up huge opportunities to study consumer behavior.

However, in reality, it’s not always so rosy, and brands often face serious restrictions from the marketplace. Sometimes they are not even allowed to decide what content to use to promote their products. …

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Leading buyers to checkout

One of the main problems of e-commerce today is the collaboration between brands and retailers.

According to statistics, 78% of buyers prefer to get acquainted with the product on the vendor’s website, but 95% of purchases are made on the websites of retailers. If they could go directly from the brand page to the retailer’s site, both sides would win: the vendor would get more purchases, and the retailers would get “warmed up” buyers.

Generation Z is the most incomprehensible and, at the same time, the most interesting audience for e-commerce. Its representatives are just getting ready to become solvent, but right as we speak, they already influence their parents’ buying behavior, and sellers are thinking about how to adapt the offer to their tastes.

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Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

Generation Z buyers will bring several important trends to the retail market:

  • payment by electronic wallets;
  • active use of the Internet;
  • chat-bots and voice assistants;
  • gamification.

Participants of the “AR and VR in marketing and e-commerce” meetup discussed the AR tools suitable for online retail businesses, while the Head of the e-commerce department of Snapchat MENA, Shayan Rahimi, demonstrated the latest AR cases along with BMW and Michael Jordan.

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Technologies have become simpler, and now AR is accessible to everyone.

We all know how important it is to design your product page properly while selling online. But don’t forget to make sure that your content answers to all of the client’s requests.

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From our experience, customers are looking for a few things when learning about a new product (we highly recommend to include all of them in your product card):

  • Product features;
  • Reviews;
  • Lifestyle product integration;
  • A way to interact with the product or somehow test it.

Apart from this, there are some excellent tricks to attract and convert even more customers. Your product cards must contain content that:

  • Captures attention (gallery, USPs, AR, and 3D…



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