Despite the fact that the share of online sales is growing rapidly all around the world, the players of this market face a number of problems:

Every year Berlin hosts the world’s largest trade fair for electronics and household appliances, IFA, which covers 161,000 m² of floor space and attracts 1,800 exhibitors and 240,000 visitors. We went to Berlin for these six days to see where the world’s e-commerce is heading.

Alexey Chekhvalov (New Business Director in 24ttl) during IFA 2019

What happened at IFA 2019

The exhibition takes place at the Messe Berlin exhibition center, in the city’s outskirts. It is targeted towards the end-users, so it does not show innovation and know-how behind the scenes, but rather the final products. It seems as if the visitors are entering a massive hypermarket with hundreds of…

AR filters — the shortcut to hacking your social media game that you are missing out on illustrated with a case study of snoozing on digital innovation by Mercedes-Benz.

Something noteworthy is happening right now on social media. The so-called “filters” are booming on and while most people think they are just fun and games, they are actually the shortcut that has the potential to hack your brand’s social media game that we have all been waiting for. …

The matter of interaction between brands and marketplaces is one of the most critical issues for the e-commerce industry today.

It’s no use saying that brands benefit from cooperation with marketplaces: the amount of traffic that comes to their pages is disproportionately larger than on their own platforms.

Leading buyers to checkout

One of the main problems of e-commerce today is the collaboration between brands and retailers.

According to statistics, 78% of buyers prefer to get acquainted with the product on the vendor’s website, but 95% of purchases are made on the websites of retailers. …


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