‘The first step is to establish that something is possible; the probability will occur’ ~ Elon Musk

At the start of any new venture; precious little is known and much is assumed because the ratio of assumption to knowledge is tilted in favour of the former. When we started 254comics our initial idea was to delve straight into animation for African Comic content which we felt was and still is an underserved market. Thanks to the foresight of one of our team members we dialed back on that and went with comics first — a significant about-turn in our initial plan albeit a necessary one as it in a way forced us to apply the first principles approach, synonymous with physics — given that comics are regarded as the bedrock of animation, video and mobile gaming industry.

Fast forward 8 months and we’re glad to announce that we’ve entered into a Content Licensing Agreement with BTI Millman Ltd — owners of edutainment platform (ImaraTV) for animation of some of the comic content on our platform. This marks an incremental step in the growth of the 254comics platform and is in tandem with our founding vision to unlock the immense value codified in such creative works to the benefit of the independent content creators whose work 254comics hosts. I look forward to seeing the kaleidoscope of tales the comics tell brought to life.

As had been stated in my previous post in September of last year, ‘Innovation is inherently messy, nonlinear and iterative’

evidenced by the non-linear route we’ve taken to get to this point as one of the goals in our product plan. Erego on behalf of the 254comics team; I’d like to ‘bigly thank all our users, independent content creators and many others who continuously aid in our growth as a startup in one way or another — YOU’RE SHUJAAZ!!!