Cheerful + 260by26

Advancing Our Mission With Cheerful Giving


We know that no single organization can achieve 260 million children learning by 2026 alone.

This is why we are partnering with various institutions, from grassroots charities to global companies, to ensure that kids around the world, most especially those that are marginalized, attain an inclusive and equitable quality education.

To this end, we are excited to announce that we are now an officially sponsored project of Cheerful, Inc.

Cheerful is a nonprofit technology company and innovative digital platform that helps nonprofits scale generosity with fundraising tools that attract and cultivate younger recurring donors.

Through this partnership, we will advance our mission to increase and improve the outcomes of giving to education by:

  • crowdfunding for youth-led organizations working toward social justice for children;
  • inspiring young philanthropists to make an education giving pledge;
  • and fostering a network of institutions that will work together and support young changemakers in ensuring education for all.

260 million children learning by 2026 — this vision is possible! We invite you to join us on this endeavor!


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We are a global community helping out-of-school children acquire the education and skills necessary to reach their potential. Join us!

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