Journal #3: The Gift
Sarah Hunter

Journal #3

I have story that relates to this prompt. I remember as a kid when I lived in Pennsylvania, my uncle was very sick with cancer. Before he got so sick to the point where he had to go to the hospital, I would always play down in the basement with his sports cars with my brother. I remember In preschool, we took a carton of eggs, emptied them out and filled them with plastic eggs that opened up. We put little cars in those eggs that reminded us of our favorite cars. I would always show my uncle my carton of eggs with cars in them all the time, it would always make him laugh. When my uncle got so sick with his cancer he had to spend a lot of time in the hospital. He got to the point where he though he couldn’t take it anymore and though he wasn’t going to live that much longer. So I spent every single day in the hospital with him and my mother. I ended up giving him my carton of eggs with the cars in them. Since I was a kid, I though when he died he would be able to take those cars with him. We would look at the cars everyday, and then one day all of a sudden my uncle started feeling a lot better. As about a month went on, he was well enough to leave the hospital and soon after that his cancer was gone. I was young and didn’t know much, so I was thinking to myself that those little cars I gave him saved his life. And to this day my mom still keeps the cars stored away as one of my best memories. My uncle also still reminds me about how I always cheered him up and kept him alive.

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