Shadows and light

I referenced the photographer is Ezra Stoller. In his pictures, the strategies or techniques is used a contemporary building with an expressive massing thanks to the use of shadows and light. And I think also use some a strip of topographies forming an elevation.

I photographed this building which next to Central station. I follow the example of Ezra Stoller, using light and shadow. I really like this kind of photography technology, since it uses light and shadow, this is a strong, definite contrast. Also called transparency. Transparent refers to the physical properties of materials, but the stone is opaque glass is transparent. So that viewers can easily distinguish the main body of images. As well as clearance of contrast of light and shadow, we can see the outline of the building. Through the shaded part, it can be seen that most of the exterior wall is built of cement, rather than glass. And the other a building which show in the first and second in photos are contrary. This architecture is built of glass, it has a very high transparency. Light through the glass, the transmission out of the wall or the black sky to form a clear, sharp contrasts.

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