Sound mixing

I choose and reproduce one of the following strategies or techniques is: As an orchestra playing in the traffic. I follow the example Karlheinz Stockhausen Helicopter String Quartet (1995).

He wrote a score for a string quartet whose musicians (in this instance the Arditti Quartet) would each play in a helicopter, while their music would be mixed on the ground by Stockhausen and broadcasted in the concert hall. The helicopter rotors are naturally present.

I imitate his works, collected audio material in the central station and darling harbour. In the central station, I have collected the sound of the train, because the train is my most used transport. In the other hand, in darling harbor, I gathered a band of music and mix them together. In the first half part of the music, I used the band’s sound which is strong to representative sound when the train stop. Over time, the music are more and more weak. The train sound are naturally present.


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