Cuban Province of Las Tunas Achieves Economic Growth

Las Tunas.- This eastern province has completed 1,610 million pesos so far this year, to exceed its commercial production plan by three percent, which is mainly due to the fulfillment of the sugar program.

This figure represents 92 million pesos more than in 2014.

Ariel Santana Santiesteban, member of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) and its first secretary in the territory, said that in the last five years Las Tunas has achieved an economic growth of 5.7 percent annually.

The leader highlighted the performance of the Sugar Company -the main economic sector of the territory-, which completed its production plan, after four years of breaches.

He explained that the workers had a good performance in production, as well as the productivity and the average wage per employee, which was 666 pesos per month.

Santana Santiesteban stressed that the lack of rainfall has caused 182,000 inhabitants of 439 communities in the eight municipalities to receive water by tanker trucks.

The reservoirs are at 31 percent of their filled capacity, a low figure with several months still missing before the beginning of the wet period, but 10 percent higher than in August.

Some 16 new communities benefited from electricity, the repair of 216 medical offices and the granting of subsidies for the restoration of 554 homes were also highlighted by the first secretary of the Communist Party in Las Tunas.

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