Raúl: We must deal with the problems wherever they may be, without giving in to defeat

The economy, implementation of resolution No.17 and the impact of drought across the country were among topics disused in the latest Council of Ministers meeting.

Cuban President Raúl Castro Ruz summoned the latest Council of Ministers meeting, December 20, in order to tackle problems facing Cuban society, “we must go there, we must converse, we can not give in to defeat.”

Before opening discussions on the agenda of issues, the Army General stated that Cubans must remain motivated in the face of difficulties, and continue fighting, as Fidel said on December 18, 1956, when the two brothers reunited at Cinco Palmas. “He triumphed because he always had that spirit and 25 months after disembarking entered Santiago with the victory in hand.”

Raúl noted the difficulties faced by the Cuban people after January 1, but stressed the need to continue struggling without loosing motivation for even one second. “We have to develop, have relations with all countries, trade with everyone, without depending on a single product, but rather many. We have the opportunity to do so, there is tourism, and every completed hotel is an open factory, there is also biotechnology, among others.”

He also commented on ideological efforts, above among the youth with whom, he noted, we must find new ways of connecting. “The new generations are different from us, remember that the youth resemble their times more than their parents, and to this we must pay greater attention.”

Originally published at www.periodico26.cu.

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