“A contemporary building that stresses abstraction thanks to its use of gird.”

As we can see the technique I have chosen is “A contemporary building that stresses abstraction thanks to its use of gird.” inspired by ANDREAS GURSKY. He embraced digital manipulation early: in his 1993 photograph of Paris’s giant Mouchotte tower block, multiple images are grafted together in postproduction to produce a single overwhelming panorama.

As what I was trying to do, I used Photoshop to graft the image together. This image conveys a sence of abstraction through the use of gird as I copyed the image many times and pasted all the copy ramdomly. It coveres a number of windows forming a special Visual effect of gird.


ANDREAS GURSKY has framed his work through the stresses of abstraction which thanks to the ues of gird which is created by the ullisation of ‘digital manipulation’, This use of gird in photography have transformed the appearance of a building, it provides that a city is created and composition by a series of buildings. Through my photograph, we discover that the size, scale, proportion, color and the shape of the building will have a direct impact on the urban space.







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