100 words that reveal my life

Part 1: Wondering and pondering. Tripping and falling. Getting up and then back down. Wind breezes of a hurricane. Always running but never physically. always the boss but never asked to be. Singing, dancing, acting, and repeat. Emotional mess. Laughing. Crying. Yelling. Smiling. Everything moves so fast so not to get attached. Deep in worry and stress. Friends and Family drag me back out. Where did my motivation and passion go? Late nights. Great laughs. Loud and Proud. Always wanted but never for the reasons I want. Insecurities and Self depreciation. Routine who is she? Weight. Wondering and pondering. Weight. Smile. Weight.

Part 2:

Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqZsoesa55w It keeps my heart happy I hope you enjoy it too :)

Part 4:

This is usually what I’m doing at 9pm. I watch Netflix before I go to bed. I’m currently watching Black Mirror. Its really good and if you like things that make you say “WOW” I suggest it highly.

Part 5: I couldn’t get the boomerang to upload

Part 6:

For my first inspirational figure I chose Will Smith because of his strength and perseverance along with helping others and always living his life to his fullest.
The man in this picture is my grandfather and he is easily the most inspiring person in my life. He came from nothing and now has a successful business that him and my grandma run. I love him so much and look up to him in every way possible.
For my last inspirational person i chose lady gaga because of how hard she worked for her dream to happen and how she’s such an ambitious artist.

Part 7: “No pain, No gain”