Three Easy Tips for Self-Care

Get R.E.D!


It may seem simple and straightforward because sleep is something all humans need. However, we quickly give up sleep to work, study, or even do things we enjoy. Our bodies and minds need sleep to heal and relax our bodies. While we sleep, we build muscle memory and repair our heart and blood vessels. Sleep improves our mood and increases our physical well-being. It also makes us better learners by rejuvenating and helping us mentally prepare for the day ahead. Consider the ways to rest your body and mind. Relaxation helps us more than you think.


Your body needs all the nutrients you can give it. Eating 3 meals or even 5 small meals a day builds energy and maintains physical strength. It also improves brain stimulation and ensures mental growth. Balance your diet and eat regularly if you want to regularly stimulate your mind and take care of your body. Resources on healthy eating can be found through school nurses or even in many grocery stores.


While rest and a balanced diet do more than enough to keep you physically healthy, doing what you love in moderation and finding positive outlets that allow you to relax and enjoy yourself are equally important. Set aside time to do it each week: it can be as much as 30–60 minutes a day or as little as a couple hours a week. Whatever you choose, make time for it and use that time to relax and enjoy yourself without stressing about daily life. Doing so allows you to take care of yourself mentally. Taking time just for you is important and ultimately does more to lift your spirit and ensure your happiness than anything else.

About the Author: Brianna Velez

Brianna is a recent graduate from Montclair State University. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in both English and Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies. She hopes to pursue a Master’s degree in English Literature next fall. Brianna currently works in the city of Orange through AmeriCorps.

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