The Nationhood Share Market !

Why don’t we in the name of absolute true freedom & democracy open a Share Market of countries where we get to chose which country we want to be a National of, and well of-course if we can match-up to the countries requirement the trade should be simple enough and ideal too !

Oh you find that absurd is it? But then that is what is being asked for in the garb of Azadi, Kashmiriyat, Naxalism, Separate Nagaland, Khalistan and other so-called Pakistan sponsored freedom struggles. Why if the Kashmiri has the right to decide if he wants to be Azad, or Part Of India or for that matter part of Pakistan, i should not as a free citizen in a democratic world have the choice to choose which country i want to be a part of?

But would such absolute freedom not bring along with it absolute chaos and destruction? It is for precisely this reason that challenging the Sovereignty of any country is considered an act of treason and sedition punishable even by death and rightly so ! In the modern world even more so cause borders have been drawn and countries are in a state of balance, mind well nuclear countries that could cause unimaginable damage. And any shift or attempted shift in this balance of countries and their borders could have catastrophic results.

But still Pakistan in its unfathomable pit comprising of a farrago of unreasonable yet irrepressible hate and jealousy for India, continues to tread this dangerous path and many in India either out of their foolishness or out of their greed and personal gain support its cause under the name of azadi and secularism.

Thus to all those so called leftist lovers of peace, prosperity & secularism. I have this to say, they call her the motherland for a reason, cause you cannot chose your mother you are born of her. Learn to respect her first and the rest will follow. Jai Hind!! Vande Materam !!