Heart Instagram

We heart Instagram. We’re sharers, we’re searchers, we’re visual, we’re encouragers, we’re two designers. Instagram is a way to keep an eye on trends, talent and things that make us be like ‘wow look at this’ and ‘ooh how lovely’. It’s current, fast paced, wide reaching and full of rich content. We want to keep improving and Instagram inspires us to.

We once ran out to buy matching SLRs and signed up for a night school class in photography, mostly influenced by our experience of using the app. We were looking to see how far we could push and develop our skills and more importantly, our love of capturing a moment. Being the type to keep asking what’s next, it was a natural progression.

See some of our photos here & here.

We are creatives. We have worked as a team in the design industry for a number of years. We have our bases covered — digital, graphic and motion design. We decided to brand our work outside of 9 to 5 and have some fun showing the world who we are and what we can do, documenting it all from the start. A show & tell of our work and the ideas that don’t quite make the cut — all of the #WIPitgood.

It seemed the obvious thing to do, to share our latest visual venture on Instagram, seeking out opinions from the people interested, those searching hashtags relevant to our work. Instagram is not just for photos, it’s an inspiration tool. You can find more than photos of posh breakfasts and pouty selfies (guilty of both) — Design; interior, animation, fashion, colour, brand, travel … insights!

Using Instagram, we can also run a simplistic market research on what people like, what is more popular. The real time feedback on posts is really interesting. We don’t let it totally influence our decisions but it is nice to know.

We are not sure where we will take 28&moon or what it may become. But we are enjoying going through the process of creating something meaningful and special, something representative. We hope you keep an eye out for us and watch us as we go.