Ezra Stoller who is a photographer

I chose Ezra Stoller as my inspirational photographer, who grew up in New York and studied architecture at NYU. Stoller began a photographing building, models and sculpture when he was a student. He focuses on how to present 3-dimensional architects though 2-dimensional photographs in black and white hue, working with space and angels in order to demonstrate the structure, the material, and the intentions of the architectures (Pygmalion Karatzas, 2016).

UTS: Library, Sydney, Jun Ma

This photograph above I took in UTS Library emerged the photograph skills from Stoller, which highlights the interior design of the building. Also the reason of why I chose this background to present the patterns (which located on the floor and on the ceilings) is that it expresses the indoor design of architecture.

UTS Library, Sydney, Jun Ma

I chose UTS Library again but the photograph took in front of library. The techniques which I learned from Stoller is work with light and space to makes this picture looks like 2 dimensional become to 3 dimensional. Addition, many straight line on this building.

ABC building The Goods line St, Jun Ma

This photograph I took from the Goods line street and the techniques 0f black and white that I used from Stoller. It makes the time stop.

Employsure building, Sydney, Jun Ma

I took this photograph from Goods line street. The photograph illustrates the modern architecture by visualizing the structure and the spatial design.


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