The film

I chose Warhol, Andy as my inspirational filmmaker technique to take film, who was born in the United States. He is a artist, printer and filmmaker. Andy always concentrate to a long time shooting of static scenes which is the extension of the plane works in time. Technique that I use from Andy is long single still shoot. Andy have some celebrated works. For example, he shooting the New York Empire Building without stationary from morning to night up to 8 hours of time changes and he did not nothing during the film time. He uses the Auricon sixteen-centimeter camera that was used by journalists to love the models, lightweight, can be synchronized radio, you can also shoot for a long time. Andy extended the empire’s running time, the rate of 16 frames per second projection of the film, the speed of 24 frames per second than the slow shooting, making the dark almost imperceptible. I using some similar techniques with Andy’s technique film. For instance, The short film only has one point and background, which I hold the camera without moving. Also, I use black and white in a part of film. The street lamp was open with the sunset. The UTS library is a main point from this film and we can see the other building through the UTS library. With time elapsing.


BLAKE GOPNIK,2014, The New York Times, Monumental Cast, but Not Much Plot, viewed on 19/7/2017.


Warhol, Andy, 1964, MoMA, Art and Artist , viewed on 19/7/2017.


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