Pan Shoot

Sydney Chanatown - Pan Shoot

Pan shoot is a technique to take a film about something around people. For example movie ‘Down by Law’ (1986) direct by Jim Jarmusch, the pan shoot technique been used on opening sequence to shows the life style in that era.

Pan shoot is mean taking video about one side of objects while cameraman moving straight. I used same technique to filming the side of Chinatown in Sydney to shows inside of Chinatown. Through the video we can see that Chinatown are busy, crowd and cultural. The video are shows the life style people who inside of Chinatown, for example busy life of people, cordial and friendly between people, line up for something delicious and attract customers in each different restaurant. Those are all the part of city.

We also can see that not only Chinese are walking on this ‘town’. The different race, different architectural styles shows in this film that stated the modern ‘city’ are combined many cultures together to present the city that we see today.

Down By Low: The example of Pan Shoot


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