I choose the technique is that a night of encounters wandering in the streets, it is directed by Antonioni, Michelangelo — La Notte. It is shown that people walked in the dark night and use a tool to record buildings and things in the streets. These kind of films are black and white, so i use my iphone to record buildings around UTS area in dark night. At the beginning, I through the side street to the UTS Business School, then walked along the Broadway to the central park and UTS Tower, finally wandered to another side street to end the film. The color of the film is getting darker and darker, the video editing app help me to change the amount of darkness and it focuses on smaller things rather than the tall buildings . This technique gives a sense of mystery and the fear of the unknown.
Antonioni, Michelangelo — La Notte (1961): A night of encounters wondering on the streets of Milan

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