Thomas Struth- Unconscious places

Photo by Thomas Struth
Photo by me

This is Thomas’s early photography style that standing in the perspective of central and facing the street, the buildings on both side of the road gradually extend to the vanishing point and shrinking. Forcing the viewer to look at every detail of photos and observing the overall structures of the street in the frame of the photos. His photos are usually black and white and no one on the photo, so his photography will not cause you any emotional waves. For example, this photograph was taken on Dey street in New York in 1978. I imitate his style and took a photo. It was taken in the front of Chinatown,Goulburn street. I took black and white photo and empty streets look mysterious, in fact, every city, every street and every corner have own stories and secrets, so we should try to find their meanings and search for their secrets.


image 1.