Making one minute film.

Sokurov, Alexander The Russian Arch (2002) — a single 96-minute steadicam sequence shot.

My film:


Image of video

The inspiration of my video is from Sokurov Alexander who made a single 96-minute steadicam sequence shot which named The Russian Arch (2002). This video record there are 2000 actors in the museum to express 300 of Russian history in the 33 rooms of the hermitage museum. His shooting technique is through different angles to describe this story in single steadicam sequence shot and follow one person which means the shooting can not stop in a whole process. Base on Alexander’s film, I use the same technique which is through a continue shot to make my own film in the central station. As we can see, this short film is recording the evening peak. I choose central station to describe my key words is people’s movement and there are lots of people take different train lines to the different places. We can feel the central station is very crowed and busy, also, the film shows the central station’s architecture is ancient and it is the most representative. This continue shot that record peoples’ movement in different direction. I follow In a image also can describe peoples’ movement and the located at central station.

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