Original photograph by Erza Stoller
Photograph 1
Photograph 2

I choose this photograph is from Erza Stoller, his photograph expressed contemporary building through shadow and light. Stoller’s photo presented which he behind the car across the square building to took this photo at night. The single colour (black and white) contrast the light from inside and the shadow of outside. Additionally, it clearly shows the inside of building which is empty and peaceful, also the environment is wet and around the building which is clean and quiet. However, my first photograph is not match Stoller’s strategies and around the building is not clean. According to his technique, I choose new building is located at Pitt Street and the building that is also square and lucid material. I take the photograph also express I stand across the building to find the same angle at night. My photograph points out the environment is dry and the street also is empty. Moreover, there are few people around the building which can protrude the single building and make structure more clearly through shadow and light. I also change the colour to black and white to make contrast clearly and strongly.