We’ve made more Apple Newsstand apps than almost anybody. And we’re glad Apple’s killing Newsstand.

Amongst the many other bits of news coming out of Apple’s WWDC event this week is a relatively minor announcement — that Apple has finally put its never-very-popular Newsstand app out to pasture.

You know Newsstand; It’s one of those annoying Apple apps you can’t delete. Despite that annoyance, some publishers have published great content on Newsstand. We know because our company, 29th Street Publishing, helps build them, and because readers keep returning to them.

The end of Newsstand marks the beginning of the era in which mobile is just another distribution platform for publishers. The most important thing for app publishers to do is experiment, gather results and feedback from their readers and find new avenues. This is why the web, print and apps are good complements to one another, and why additional channels, such as Apple News and Facebook Instant Articles, are valuable as well.

For too long the debate about digital publishing has been couched in “this or that” rather than “what’s the best avenue to all of the above?”

Aside from that, apps for publications like magazines and newspapers should never have been buried in a weird little corner of their own anyway. The publishers we work with are making amazing apps that people love to read, love to subscribe to (yeah, that matters!) and one of the biggest constraints on their growth and adoption has been the fact that they’re not just regular apps that can be promoted and discovered right in the app store like everything else.

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