Love & DAWs

You can spend several fortunes on audio equipment and all the gizmos and gadgets in the world, but that would be silly. The program you use to produce, called a DAW [Digital Audio Workstation] is a tool. Or maybe more like a toobox, since it contains many of the tools used to produce music. DAWs are where you can place your musical idea.

Now these ideas can be generated 2 ways: with others in mind, or with your Self in mind. I recommend the latter. We all have some unique music within all of us. Regardless of genre, you can make magic.

It doesn’t matter so much that Shakespeare wrote plays. It matters that he wrote like Shakespeare. Now, centures later when no one knows what the man looked like, we still know him. And his values, his words, his ideas continue to influence and inspire people.

Music is how you will live on. What you pull from your truest Self and transform into musical form will be your legacy. The more of your Self you can immortalize in sound, the more you will pass on. This is not the only point of making music, but one I believe to be important.

If art is made with crowds and critics in mind, they will appeal to the crowds of today, but the crowds of tomorrow will find something newer and shinier. Truly, the best piece of art is that which expresses one’s Self most clearly. When we are actively expressing our passions, our love, we find purpose, and in perceiving our work to be meaningful, our emotions are intensified. As these emotions are excited, we can harness the energy that resonates within our Selves during these bouts of love and passion, and encapsulate such feelings sonically.

Not only does creating music help build a legacy, it also leads to days well lived. A few days back I opened a lot of my old songs. I was filled with a sense of joy remember the love and curiosity the creation of each piece brought to me, and reliving it. Days spent mostly producing, (rather than mostly consuming), are days worth repeating. I look back to my most productive days as some of the best of my life.

tl;dr: Be yourself.

Now, DAWs.

If your on a PC, FL Studio has a free trial.

If your on Mac, Ableton has a free trail.

With FL Studio, you can do all things except save for an indefinite period of time. With Ableton, you can save & export but only for 30 days.

Either way, you won’t need to save for a while. For 30 days, make 1 song a day. Start with an idea, whether it be a melody, a rhythm, a sample to use, a remix idea, anything, finish it. That means put it together. Add a few FX if you’d like, and export it.

Now as you’ll soon find out, your first songs are going to sound ‘legit’ or ‘pro’ because you haven’t spent enough time developing your techniques and styles, but you will be expressing your Self and that is purpose enough in itself. Beyond that, it will be fun. Maybe not at all times, but at some times it will be massively joyous. Just stick with it and you’ll improve every day.

Stay GOLD.