REVIEWCABLE- House of Flying Daggers

It’s been said, these hoes ain’t loyal. Never was that statement more apropo then in regards to the movie House of Flying Daggers. House of Flying Daggers is the story of Police vs a gang vs the military vs the police vs a lyin ass bitch who’s not even really blind. Not only is she not even blind but she falls in love with one of the cops who’s working for another cop, who she was married to. Her new cop love was working on following her back to the flying daggers gang because she was the daughter of the old leader who the police killed. Her former love, new Romeos boss, left her for 3 years to go on a secret mission for the Daggers, yes he’s a member too we find out later in the movie, to infiltrate the police department and in 3 days she’s fallen in love with his cop buddy. As Mike Jones said, these hoes is scandolous man. If it sounds ridiculous to you that a woman in a relationship would fall so quickly for some new guy don’t worry it did to who ever wrote the movie because they allude to that fact in the movie. The film features well choreographed fighting, bad high wire fighting, and tons and tons of will they wont they have sex now moments. I don’t wanna spoil the movie for you but when officer I just wanna love you baby and the Tokyo Rose of the Police Department do finally hook up towards the end of the movie you don’t even get to see her breasts. I had to take a break from the movie to watch some pornography. Biggest cinematic cock tease since Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. This movie has plenty of kung fu moments, but make no mistake, and you wont if you watch it, this is a love story, more so than even all other movies. Most of the movie takes place in the woods, much of it on horses. Also I’m no camera or lighting, or anything expert, but the lighting and feel of at least one or two scenes is very much like that of a lifetime movie. The movies good, it would have been better if the love scene at the end would have been more intense, I know I’m coming off as a pervert but they hype that scene up for about 75% of the movie then it happens and its like, we waited all this time for that?!? That being said I repeat the movie is good, I give it 3.9 disloyal fake blind geisha gangster women out of 5.

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