A February Face-off With Oregon

what i hate

~2614 miles

~rooted life

~not being understood

~not being us

~his expert ability to compartmentalize

~not being able


~the wait

~the want

~his control

~lack of self-control

~the chill this craving elicits

what i love

~his lashes

~ his eyes

~his words

~his boldness

~being his girl

~his thoughts

~his smile and lips

~his front tooth space

~his body

~his control

~his Mr. Dad persona

~his lack of control, Training Wheelz

~his Fitness Girl

~his command

~his concern

~his ~ everything

~his voice

~My Chairman

~his smooth, beautiful skin

~his ability to parlay

~his BabyDoll

~his actions

~his tunes

~the chill this craving elicits

what i want

~to be revered

~to laugh with him

~to sit with him

~to experience more

~to hear him

~to take care of him

~to learn from him

~to lay in his arms

~to wrap my arms around him

~to admire him in person

~to design future with him in mind

~to be kissed on the back of my neck

~to take his hand anytime

~to be kissed

~to look into his eyes

~to be kissed

~him to believe

~to celebrate with him

~to lift him up

~to pin him right back down

~to watch a rain storm with him

~his actions

~to be . . . with him

~shelter from the chill this craving illicits

what i need

~for him to remain present

~for him to take me

~his true intent

~to see his yearning

~for him to show me

~his hug

~his vulnerability

~his actions

~his wit

~his voice

~his honesty

~for him to draw me close

~his laughter


~his heart

~the chill this craving elicits

what i gain




~snipits of his view, strengths, weaknesses


~the need for grueling workouts

~believe it or not, more patience

~a different, ignited & fit body

~a better spark for journaling

~tremendous respect of him

~an open mind



~lean muscle



~maddening messages

~disarmed questions

~unbounded love





~passion for him


~craft perfection

~taking action


~consistent persistence



~the chill this craving elicits

why i worry

~per chance i am a temporary diversion

~far different lives; definitive ways

~i often feel he wants, I want, yet should not

~uncertain if all words are true

~his loyalty


~interests beyond me

~his actions

~his inaction

~he does not love

~he holds the deck; i cannot fathom losing

~he has control

~epoch which fails to resume interval

~I remain chilled; seemingly riotous

why it is important

~because he makes me believe

~because of our differences, our energy is immeasurable

~because i never had this before

~because he delivers scenarios which have forever suspended my course

~because he supports nearly every word

~because he reveals what is lacking

~because he is what is lacking

~because most of my thoughts and ever-being affirms this is apposite

~because he staked himself therein

~because of the man he is of kindness, sensuality, intelligence, respectful and so divinely vivacious

~because of the words he speaks and thoughts he shares

~because he sought after

~because of his actions

~because there is not one thing finer

~the raging desire to feel and keep ignited the defeating chill

what i lose


~a part of my home heart

~a more simple plan





~dark heart



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